The City Council advises the imminent closure of all commercial and hospitality establishments, except those for the supply of basic necessities


Urgent recollection of citizens is urged to avoid concentrations and crowds of people in public spaces

They will proceed to the closure and sanction of those places of supply of basic necessities that do not comply with the recommendations of the competent authorities

Civil Protection offers advice and recommendations with public address through the streets of neighborhoods and districts

The Totana City Council advises the immediate closure of all commercial and hospitality establishments except those supplying basic necessities, which, in any case, are required to rigorously comply with the rules for distance and concentration of people to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and infections.

The plenary hall hosted this morning an emergency meeting of the coranovirus monitoring team in this municipality in order to coordinate actions and articulate measures contained in the royal alarm decree promoted by the Government of Spain and other warnings from competent organizations and administrations .

The meeting, chaired by the mayor Juan Josť Canovas, was attended by leaders and representatives of the Local Police, Civil Protection, the councils and departments involved, the General Secretariat, the Mayor's Office and the Municipal Communication Office.

The aim is to drastically and strictly guarantee the protection of the general population by complying with institutional recommendations and guidelines, and to avoid irresponsible situations such as those that have occurred this morning in local establishments, putting the safety and health of the population.

Among the measures, three Civil Protection vehicles from this morning offer advice and recommendations with a public address system through the streets of the neighborhoods and districts of the municipality, urging the gathering of citizens in their homes and avoiding the concentrations and crowds of people in public or private spaces. , where minimum distances must be kept, and hygienic conditions and personal self-protection.

The Local Police will begin visits to the premises, basically, for the supply and supply of food and hygiene products, especially supermarkets and department stores, to demand compliance with the requirements and preventive measures under the threat of closure and sanctions.

Likewise, all municipal parks and gardens, children's recreation areas and public spaces susceptible to being visited by people in neighborhoods and districts have been sealed by municipal operators.

Only, and with the exception of later institutional orders, are the stores of basic necessities, in this case, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations, open;

therefore, the immediate cessation of activities from other establishments is recommended (bars, restaurants, tobacconists, hairdressers, betting houses, cafes, etc.).

General advice to the population

The need to make a responsible and rational use of the public health services of the Health Centers and Emergency Services to avoid their collapse is reiterated;

and in case of doubts or symptoms, call 1-1-2 or 900121212. For other incidents, the Local Police (968 418181) and Civil Protection (968 4242 52) telephones.

To avoid contagion, preventive recommendations are remembered, such as washing your hands frequently with soap and water, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as coughing or sneezing inside your arm, or using a disposable tissue and throw in the trash.

The indications can be updated or modified during the next few hours depending on the recommendations made by the different health authorities and the competent Public Administrations, so that any official communication will be issued through the official channels on the municipal website. on the social networks of the Totana City Council and the social media.

Likewise, a special recommendation is made to the elderly or people with chronic diseases or immunodeficiencies to avoid leaving their home or residence in order to prevent exposure to the virus, and an appeal is made to promote home care for the elderly.

Finally, social responsibility and civility are used to avoid unpleasant and irresponsible situations such as those experienced today in some public places in Totana to avoid spreading the epidemic among the general population.

The City Council advises the imminent closure of all commercial and hospitality establishments, except those for the supply of basic necessities, Foto 1
The City Council advises the imminent closure of all commercial and hospitality establishments, except those for the supply of basic necessities, Foto 2

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