Open letter to the Illustrious Superior Cabildo of Processions of Holy Week in Totana


Dear Friends.

A few days ago I learned, through the local media, that the Museum Project of Holy Week in Totana was not going to be carried out.

This decision was taken at the Ordinary General Assembly of the Cabildo dated February 13, 2,020.

From this letter I want to express my perplexity and misunderstanding to this decision.

I honestly do not understand.

I do not understand as much as I try and it seems an unfortunate fact to have reached this agreement.

The project of creating permanent facilities where the values ​​and particularities of Holy Week in Totana could be exposed and made known, was an idea that had long been in the minds of many totaneros.

This was a commitment that was destined to disseminate inside and, mainly, outside the limits of our population, the great wealth and values ​​that this celebration possesses, mainly from its religious experience, but without forgetting its artistic, ethnographic, tourist values, Gastronomic or festive.

I believe that many of us share that this manifestation could be the best instrument to highlight, disseminate and dignify, even more, our particular way of living our Holy Week.

With this effort and purpose, a group of members of the Cabildo, whom I have had the satisfaction of accompanying in all their efforts, decided in the year 2017, to start the path to give material content to this project.

Since then there have been many tasks, and all of them have been given timely information to all the components of the Cabildo.

We can stand out:

Drafting of the Architectural and Museum Project.

Realization of the Prospectus of the works to be carried out, facilities, contents and budget.

Public exhibition and dissemination of the promotional video.

Presentation of the project to local and regional authorities, Municipal Corporation, Tourism Counselor, General Director of Cultural Property, ... With the approval and congratulation by all of them.

Unanimous approval of the project by the Municipal Corporation of the City of Totana and commitment to support future financing needs.

Request and obtaining financing from public and private organizations for the execution of the project.

With all this, the financial aid granted by the different organizations and agents concerned, has been:

Campoder, Leader funds ……………………………………… .. € 24,000.

General Directorate of Cultural Property ………………………….

€ 15,000.

Companies and Local Entities …………………………………. € 12,000.

Own funds of the Cabildo ………………………………………… € 15,000.

A total of € 66,000.

Still remaining to add other aid that are in the process of management.

The planned General Budget of the Investment is estimated at € 100,000.

Calculated this in a very conservative way to avoid unwanted cost overruns.

That is, today the financing of 66% of the estimated investment is assured, the rest, less than 34% of the budget, since it is estimated with very conservative margins, there are the steps that are being carried out and the promised City Hall financial support.

If we ask who can benefit from the realization of this project, my answer is clear and resounding: to Holy Week and to the people in general of Totana.

And we could list some of the many arguments:

- Create a space that, in a permanent and dignified way, can show and spread our Holy Week through its religious, historical, cultural and ethnographic values.

- To expose in a reliable and permanent way the meaning and value that these dates and their different manifestations have for the people of Totana.

- Disseminate its religious and historical significance.

The spirit of its Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods.

The human potential of their brothers and Nazarenes.

The motivation of his music.




- To expose the artistic, historical and customary elements that, over the years, have helped us to internalize the links and manifestations that faith and religiosity have exercised over time in the reality of the municipality.

- To make known, through this permanent manifestation, the way of living and procession of our Holy Week, the experience of these days, the inheritance that is transmitted through the generations, and in particular, that initiatory rite for that we have passed the vast majority of totaneros, when, almost before learning to walk, we went out in procession in the arms of our parents.

- Use the current facilities of the Headquarters of the Cabildo for its optimization and expansion in its use throughout the year, accommodating both its own projection activities, as well as others with shared cultural, religious or social links of the municipality.

- Create urban thematic itineraries of cultural and tourist interest: Museum Itinerary: Tower Museum, General Aznar House, Handicraft Center, Museum of Holy Week.

Popular Architecture Itinerary: Calle Mayor, San Ramn, Santiago, San Juan,…

- This activity will promote social, cultural, tourist, economic and urban regeneration, both of the town and the neighborhood where it is located.

I am convinced that this list of arguments could be extended by many of you, but I leave it for you to express freely in the environment that best suits you.

Many of you know me, I am Paco Guerao, architect of the Cadeldo Headquarters and author of the Holy Week Museum Project, brother, along with my children from the brotherhoods of Our Father Jesus Nazarene and the Risen Christ.

My interest in the project being carried out is merely as a totanero, not as a professional, because nothing is owed to me.

My interest is to highlight the heritage values ​​of Totana, and highlight one of the most important religious and social manifestations in its annual calendar.

Holy Week declared of Regional Interest and that aspires to higher recognition.

Our Holy Week is one of the hallmarks of our people, and that is why we should not miss this historic opportunity.

If we ask now who can harm the realization of this project, my answer remains the same: to Holy Week and to the people in general of Totana.

That is why I ask you to reconsider your refusal to carry out the Museum of Holy Week in Totana and may become a reality so desired by the vast majority of totaneros.

A big hug for everyone.

Totana, February 18, 2,020.

Paco Guerao Lpez

Open letter to the Illustrious Superior Cabildo of Processions of Holy Week in Totana, Foto 1

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