The Civil Guard detains the two alleged perpetrators of a large robbery in a house in Totana


The alleged authorship of the crime of robbery is strongly attributed

During the investigation much of the subtracted effects have been recovered

They took advantage of the neighborhood proximity to plan and execute the robbery

The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia has developed the operation 'NOPAT', an investigation established to clarify a robbery in a house in Totana, in which objects worth 20,000 euros were stolen, which has resulted in the recovery of large part of the stolen and with the identification, location and detention of the two alleged perpetrators of the criminal act.

The proceedings began at the end of last year in the framework of the 'Plan against theft in homes', when the Civil Guard initiated an investigation aimed at clarifying a robbery with force committed in a Totana building.

According to the report and the exhaustive technical inspection carried out by the researchers, the authors used force against the perimeter fence of the plot and one of the windows of the house, which were fractured to gain access to the interior and subtract large number of objects, such as heavy machinery and various household tools, electronic and audiovisual equipment and musical instruments, valued all at more than 20,000 euros.

During the robbery, a domestic dog and a large amount of cash were also stolen.

From the outset, the main line of the investigation focused on the near surroundings of the house subject to theft, as it is a quantity and volume of effects that would have aroused suspicion in the neighborhood.

Thanks to the citizen collaboration and the investigations carried out, the civil guards identified two people with a broad criminal record, who were allegedly after the authorship of the events and whose residence of one of them was in the same area of ​​the housing subject to theft.

The alleged perpetrators took advantage of the neighborhood of one of them to closely monitor the residents of the assaulted house and, once the robbery materialized, to store the stolen objects without scarcely drawing attention to their transportation.

Once all the necessary evidence has been obtained, the Civil Guard established a broad search device on the suspects, which has culminated in recent days with its location and detention as alleged perpetrators of the crime of robbery with force.

During the operation, a large part of the stolen objects have been recovered, which, after being brought to justice, are already held by their rightful owner.

The Spanish detainees, 44 and 45 years old, neighbors of Totana and with a history of similar crimes, the effects recovered and the proceedings taken have been made available to the Court of Instruction of Totana (Murcia).

The Civil Guard detains the two alleged perpetrators of a large robbery in a house in Totana, Foto 1
The Civil Guard detains the two alleged perpetrators of a large robbery in a house in Totana, Foto 2

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