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Winning Totana: "Five new sentences from the times of the PP condemn the City Council to pay € 1,389,556 plus interest"


"This goes to show that the outcrop of debt is in continuous movement, since one after another follow us arriving new sentences by which the Popular Party should give explanations "

It has been 5 years since the City Council of Totana left behind the absolute majorities of the Popular Party that have led us to economic ruin.

But even today we are still getting debts dragged from that disastrous management, as is the case with the 5 new sentences totaling almost a million and a half euros, which can even exceed that figure with the sum of interest corresponding.

"From Ganar Totana we already warned that more sentences were on the way and that unfortunately, these will not be the last ones. This almost one and a half million euros is another huge blow to the municipal coffers. Since we are now in the closing phase of 2019 budget and 2020 budget opening, which already starts with very tough conditions that the Ministry of Finance demands, precisely because of the ruin situation in which this City Hall was left and because of the refusal of the 15 councilors of the opposition to fulfill the commitments we acquire when we adhere to the Management Funds. "

They assure.

Despite the efforts that have been made since 2015 the road to another way of responsible management began and fulfilling the commitments (which has allowed us to settle historical debts with entities such as the Taibilla, who owed almost 8 million of euros, with the companies of waste collection and cleaning of interiors, suppliers, freelancers, etc ...), the shadow of the years of corruption and waste is still a sword of Damocles on our heads.

"From Ganar Totana we will continue to fight to move the situation forward, despite seeing ourselves alone in the path of seriousness, responsibility and fulfillment of the commitments made with the Ministry, which is the only thing that can make us get out of the economic ruin in which we find ourselves and to be able to carry out the investments and projects that Totana needs and that the totaneros demand of us. "

They conclude.

Winning Totana: "Five new sentences from the times of the PP condemn the City Council to pay € 1,389,556 plus interest", Foto 1

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