In second national a victory and a defeat]

In second national a victory and a defeat.

He won the FRAMUSA in Albacete to the GLOBALCAJA, last classified, by a blunt 0-6 with what ours remain in the top of the classification.

The FRAMUSA B at home was about to surprise the 2nd classified the CTT Altea who finally took the 3-4 victory in the doubles.

In 3rd National our team rested.

In the Division of Autonomous Honor defeat 0-6 at Home against Mazarrón B.

In the 1st Autonomy, a new concentration was played with two games for the TM Totana School team.

The youngest of us won their first match 4-2 at La Nave B School and lost the second 1-5 with the team of the School of Cultural Circle of El Palmar.



Pedro M. Ruíz, Andrés D. Ros and Santiago Méndez moved to Albacete where they achieved a clear victory.

They played for the local team Benjamín Caballero, Francisco Javier Villar and Eloy Moreno.

Little history had the encounter because ours demonstrated why they are above the classification.

The general score 0-6 and in games 0-18 shows what the match was.

Only Eloy Moreno was close to start one of the games to Santiago reaching 10-10 but the rest were clear markers for ours.

Pedro outperformed Caballero and Villar, Santiago to Moreno and Villar and Andrés to Benjamín and Moreno.

Highlight Andrés who is entering the team playing at a high level.



Rushed victory of the 2nd classified against a FRAMUSA B fighter who gave what he could and was close to victory.

Mariano started the match against the Colombian Altea Nicolás Olave.

Mariano played the first game very well but in the end he escaped the advantages.

The visitor got 0-2 but with the claw the totanero managed the third game.

Again in the 4th the defensive left-hander with good points added the first point for his team 1-3.

Domingo Jr. was very solid and complete and barely left options to score points for Valentino Mitkov.

The Altea player blocked a lot but the totanero always had one more attack.

With the 3-0 the match was tied at 1.

The veteran Domingo and Juan Delgado later made a nice meeting in which they reached the 5th set.

He got 1-2 Delgado but kept fighting Sunday to score the 4th and 5th game to put the 2-1 on the overall score.

The next game was one of the best ever seen this season.

Domingo attacked very well, very safely and with many resources and surprised Olave by getting 2-0.

The visitor had to change the game and he did so being more offensive and achieved the next two games by placing 2-2.

In the ultimate maximum equality and spectacular points.

The totanero got to have a match ball but in the end the point for the visitors was escaped with what the general score was equal to 2.

Good game that of Mariano then with good game managed to prevail Delgado 3-1 with what was put the general score in 3-2 in the absence of another individual match.

Domingo had the opportunity to resolve the match but he met the best Valentino who with good serves and on the basis of cons overcame the totanero and left leading the encounter to the doubles.

In the doubles the two Sundays faced Olave and Valentino.

The points were fought very hard for the totaneros but the left-handed and right-handed visitors were more effective and knew how to take the game to their field taking a victory that could stay at home.



César Tejedor, Víctor Vélez and Adrián Cánovas failed to score points for their team.

Those of Mazarrón Benito García, Daniel Moreno and Cristian Catevilla imposed their experience in competition.

In the first point César surprised Benito from the start and the first game was scored but then Mazarrón reacted and won the next three.

Adrián was close on the scoreboard.

He forced the fifth game but this one was for Moreno, which put the general score at 0-2.

Victor could do little in the first two games that were clear for Catevilla.

In the third he reached 10-10 but the key points were for the visitor.

Much equality on the scoreboard between Cesar and Moreno.

Four games that were resolved by the minimum but the experience declined 1-3 with what was already resolved the encounter with 0-4.

The last two points were clear to visitors.

Victor was surpassed by Benito and Adrián by Catevilla 0-3.




Francisco J. López, Domingo González and Michael Castro were those who moved to the Prince of Asturias pavilion where the 9th and 10th days of this league of 1st Autonomous Division were played.

A 4-2 victory and a 1-5 defeat were the results reaped by our team although the most important thing is the experience in competition that the little ones of the club have won.


The next league days will not be until the weekend of Saturday, February 29.

Before, next weekend, the State Tournament will be played in Valladolid, which will play the 48 best in the national ranking.

The competition will begin on Friday 21 and will end on Sunday 23. We will have representation of our club with 4 players: Julián Méndez in the absolute category, Vicente Carreño and Julián Cerón in the Veterans 40 category and Domingo Méndez in 50 veterans. Luck for Ours in this important tournament which is the one that awards the most points for the national ranking.

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