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2nd National: Framusa Totana TM 5 - 1 The Solar World Stain Abtm


Weekend Results Club Totana TM

The FRAMUSA achieved a victory that puts him at the top of the classification of the group 8 of 2nd Division, although tied to points with the teams of Elche and Altea, all closely followed by Mazarrón, so he predicts a fast-paced league final .

The totaneros played Pedro Miguel Ruíz, Julián Méndez and Andrés David Ros, who lined up for the second time this season and was the best player of the game.

Jesús Requena, Manuel Ponce and Pedro Andrés Fernández played for the Albacete.

The match began with the victory of Pedro Miguel over Pedro Fernández, 3-0.

The second point was key, as Andrés entered the scene and managed to surprise and overwhelm the rival base, Jesús Requena, with good blocks that earned him to win 3-0.

The third point for the totaneros was added by Julian to Albacete Manuel Ponce, being right in the key moments of the first two sets and raising the bar in the third to beat 3-0.

Pedro Miguel this time could not connect good attacks and was overcome 3-0 by Jesus Requena after three games matched.

The victory for the totaneros was certified by Julián by beating young Pedro Fernández comfortably 3-0.

The final 5-1 was put by Andrés, who again demonstrated his level with his victory against Manuel Ponce, this time 3-1.


More equality was seen in the confrontation between FRAMUSA B and the Albacete, who repeated alignment.

This meeting was key for both teams, as they are direct rivals in the fight for permanence, which was reflected in the intensity and emotion that was shown on the table.

For the totaneros, Domingo Méndez, father and son, lined up with Mariano Tudela.

The game began beating Domingo Méndez Jr. to Pedro Fernández 3-0, but then the Albacete tied the game with the 3-0 victory of Manuel Ponce over Mariano Tudela, who only stood up in the third quarter.

In the third point at stake a lot of equality between veteran Domingo and Jesús Requena.

The totanero managed to take the first game in the advantages, but the visiting player managed to overcome and won 3-1.

But the tables returned to the scoreboard in the next game thanks to the victory of Mariano against Pedro Fernández, 3-0.

It was now the confrontation between Domingo Méndez Jr. and Jesús Requena.

The first two games were key, because in both the totanero rushed in the final moments and Albacete managed to point them in his favor for the minimum difference.

In the third game, Domingo Jr. was a steamroller and managed to get close on the scoreboard, but finally Jesus was the one who won by 3 games to 1.

Domingo was later the one who had the obligation to beat Manuel Ponce to take the match to the doubles, and he did so: he made a complete match, showing himself safe attacking and blocking, and won 3-0 to tie the match 3.

In the doubles, on Sunday they faced Jesús Requena and Manuel Ponce.

They scored the first game and gained advantage in the second game, but the Albacete managed to match the game.

The Totaneros again took advantage of the third set, but again the Albacete tied and everything had to be decided in the fifth game, in which Albacete climbed a step up the level and finally took the victory.

With this defeat, the Totaneros lost a good opportunity to distance themselves significantly from the relegation positions, but even the next day they had another important duel in the fight for permanence, this time against the Lorca of AD Eliocroca Lorca.


The totaneros managed to redeem themselves from the loss of the previous day with a good victory against Eliocroca that places them with 7 wins and 6 losses in the middle zone of the classification, two victories over the relegation places.

The totaneros repeated alignment, and faced the team formed by Mateo Martínez, José Moreno and Juan Francisco Manzanares.

The match began with a key duel between veteran players Domingo and Mateo.

Mateo scored the first game, but the totanero went from less to more, managed to score the second set by a tight 12-10 and then the next two, which won 3-1 and put the FRAMUSA ahead.

The second point was also key because Domingo Jr. faced José Moreno, his executioner in the first round match.

The totanero managed to get 2-0 up, and although he gave up the next set, he took a very important advantage in the fourth.

However, the Lorca was able to overcome and forced the fifth game, which also took advantage from the start, but this time they changed the tables and it was the totanero who went up to win 12-10 and score the victory.

Mariano Tudela entered willing to continue expanding the advantage for FRAMUSA, and the first two games were clearly scored against Juan Francisco Manzanares, who raised the bar in the third quarter and scored it in the advantages, but again Mariano connected good attacks and blocks to be imposed by 3-1 and put the 3-0 in the general marker.

Same story in the fourth point at stake, as veteran Domingo scored the first two games against José Moreno, and although he relented in the third, he returned to be superior in the fourth, winning 3-1 and certifying the victory for the totaneros with the 4-0.

Although the points were already decided, there was still fighting and delivery at the table, and Mariano played a good game against Mateo Martínez.

In the end everything remained to be decided in a very even fifth game, in which finally Mateo was the one who knew how to be right in the final moments and won 11-9.

In the last game of the match, Domingo Jr. was imposed on Juan Francisco Manzanares in the only match decided by 3-0.



In the duel between gardeners, Garrucha managed to beat the FRAMUSA Garden Furniture in another match decided in a double matched.

The totaneros aligned Cayetano Rodríguez, Julián Cerón and Agustín Tudela, who debuted in this division, and the locals Diego de Haro, Tomás Urbonovicius and José Manuel Fernández.

Cayetano managed to add his two points leaving good feelings in his 3-1 victories against José Manuel in a tight duel, and 3-0 against Tomás.

Julian also managed to add to José Manuel, 3-0, in a good game of the totanero, but in his first point he gave way tightly to Diego de Haro, 3-1.

Agustin, in his first game in this category, accused the inexperience although he did demonstrate his improvement.

In the key moments of each game he was not successful and gave in to Tomás Urbonovicius and Diego de Haro, with three of the partials resolved in the advantages for those of Garrucha.

In the doubles, the totaneros Julián and Cayetano began scoring the first game, but the local couple, formed by José Manuel and Diego, turned the scoreboard and placed 2-1 up.

Maximum equality in the fourth game, but finally those of Garrucha took that partial 12-10, and with it the victory.

With this result the totaneros reap their second defeat, although they continue to be the leaders of the Murcia group of Third National with 8 wins and 2 losses.

With the equality between the teams in the league, it will not be easy to keep leading the classification, but the title is an incentive that the totaneros will try to take advantage of.


Next weekend the regional leagues return and the competition in national leagues continues.

In Second Division, FRAMUSA Totana TM will play on Sunday 26th at the Manolo Ibáńez Pavilion, at 11 am, in front of the complicated set of La Torreta Elda, while FRAMUSA B will also face CD Mazarrón at home on Saturday 25 at 5pm

In Third National, the FRAMUSA Totana will face Sunday 26 at 10:30 am before the Best House Calasparra, in the Municipal Sports Pavilion of the rice city.

In the Division of Autonomous Honor, FRAMUSA Totana will have a complicated encounter in front of the Club Cultural Circle El Palmar, on Saturday 25 at 5 pm in the Cultural Circle of Murcia.

For its part, the fifth team of the Club, the FRAMUSA Escuela Totana TM, will play in Mazarrón the fourth concentration of the First Autonomous League also on Saturday 25, in which they will face the teams of the School of El Palmar and to the Constructions and Reforms Juan Antonio, from Mazarrón.

2nd National: Framusa Totana TM 5 - 1 The Solar World Stain Abtm, Foto 1
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2nd National: Framusa Totana TM 5 - 1 The Solar World Stain Abtm, Foto 8
2nd National: Framusa Totana TM 5 - 1 The Solar World Stain Abtm, Foto 9

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