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[I open regional autonomy of the season.

Results Club Totana TM]

Fifteen players of the Club Totana TM participated in the different categories of the First Autonomous Open of the season, held in the Sports Pavilion of El Palmar between the past 28 and 29 December.

In total, the club won five podiums in this competition: gold in Benjamin, silver in children, silver and bronze in U23 and gold in veterans.

Beyond that, very important has been the high participation of club players, which is getting bigger, and the progress of less experienced players that will gradually seek greater ambitions.

On Saturday morning the Benjamin, juvenile and children's categories were disputed.

In Benjamin, César Tejedor participated, who made a good tournament, classified the final team as the first group, beat the semifinals and managed to be champion defeating Hugo Serrano of El Palmar in the final 3-1.

In the juvenile category, Domingo González and Víctor Vélez participated.

Both were left in the final phase leaving 3 of their respective groups, and in the consolation phase Sunday was champion, and Victor 3rd.

Francisco López, Ángel Tudela, Cayetano Rodríguez and Pepe Carreño participated in children.

Fran and Ángel failed to overcome the group stage, although they are gaining experience, while Cayetano and Pepe qualified as group top.

Both qualified for the semifinals winning their respective qualifiers, and finally Cayetano finished 4th classified and Pepe runner-up.

In the afternoon the youth, sub-23 and veteran categories took place.

In sub-23 the brothers Santiago and Domingo Méndez participated.

Both qualified as first group winning all their matches of the first phase.

In the semifinals they trained each other, beating Domingo, who finished as runner-up, while Santiago won in the fight for third place.

Pedro Miguel Ruíz, Domingo Méndez, Julián Cerón and the brothers Mariano and Agustín Tudela participated in the veteran category.

Agustín could not overcome the group stage, and in the final draw Mariano and Julián were eliminated in the first round in two even matches.

Domingo overcame the first round but was eliminated in the quarterfinals, while Pedro Miguel was overcoming rounds until he was planted in the final, which he won by winning 3-1 Dicisio Aranguren.

On Sunday 29 the absolute category was celebrated, in which 10 players of the club participated.

Pepe Carreño, Cayetano Rodríguez, Agustín Tudela and Julián Cerón failed to overcome the group stage.

In the consolation phase Cayetano played a good role and finished as runner-up.

In the final draw, Julián Méndez and Mariano Tudela were eliminated in the first round, Santiago in the round of 16 and two Sundays, father and son, in the quarterfinals.

The one who stood out most in the competition was Pedro Miguel Ruíz, who reached the semifinals making good games, and who was finally 4th.


The competition will not return until Saturday, January 11, where FRAMUSA will play at home in the 2nd National in the first match of the 2nd round against CTM Murcia, a rival who continues to climb positions.

The match will be on Saturday 11 at 17 hours.

FRAMUSA B will rest this day and will have two games in the next.

In 3rd National, the confrontation will be repeated on Saturday morning at 11, also at home between the subsidiaries of FRAMUSA and CTM Murcia.

This meeting will coincide with the one of the subsidiary of DH Autonomic whose rival will be the CTM Féminas Cartagena team.

And the kids from the TM Totana School will also have a day of concentration in the Prince of Asturias pavilion in Murcia on Saturday 11 in the morning.

Its rivals will be the teams of the ATM School La Nave and Murcia Díaz Menchón.

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