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Another weekend with a lot of activity for Club Totana TM


2nd National: Framusa Totana TM 6 0 Globalcaja Sotm

The group's colista, the Manchego team of the Globalcaja Sincal Olías TM, had this weekend double displacement in Totana.

On Saturday morning he was facing FRAMUSA Totana, which aligned Pedro Miguel Ruíz, Julián Méndez and, for the first time this season, Andrés David Ros.

For those of Albacete, Benjamín Caballero, Francisco Javier Villar and Francisco Moreno played.

The game began with a very sure Julian who managed to win Benjamin in three games, with success especially in the final part of each quarter.

Next, Pedro Miguel put the direct against the defensive Francisco Javier, who stood up in the last game.

Andrés made his debut in the third game of the game, and with a very complete and safe game he managed to beat Francisco Moreno 3-1.

Pedro Miguel then sentenced the victory by winning 3-0 to Benjamin.

With 4-0 in the overall score, the last two games also opted for 3-0 in favor of the totaneros: first, Julian beat Francisco Moreno, and then, Andrés to Francisco Javier Villar.


On Saturday afternoon, the same team of FRAMUSA Totana had another commitment in San Javier, where to get the victory would rise to the first place of group 8 of 2nd National.

The locals lined up Antonio Villaescusa, Antonio Marín and Jonathan Mercader, while for the totaneros this time the brothers Julián and Santiago Méndez lined up with Pedro Miguel Ruíz.

The game began with the victory of local Antonio Villaescusa 3-1 against Pedro Miguel, which put the pressure under the visiting side.

Later, Julian matched the score by beating Antonio Marín in the duel of defenders, also 3-1.

Santiago put the totaneros ahead by beating Jonathan in a very complete match, 3-0, but the tables returned to the general scoreboard with Villaescusa's incontestable victory over Julian, also 3-0.

Key was the next confrontation between Jonathan and Pedro Miguel.

The totanero began scoring the first game with forcefulness, but he lowered his guard and San Javier's was placed above 2-1.

More aggressive, the totanero tugged to overcome the game after two games matched and beat 3-2, placing the totaneros to a victory game.

This was certified by Santiago, who in another good game managed to beat Antonio Marín 3-0, placing the final 2-4 on the overall score.

With this victory the totaneros are placed group leaders and occupy a position of direct promotion of category;

a place that, how could it be otherwise, it will be difficult to keep until the end of the season.


The second team totanero in the same group 8 of 2nd National, FRAMUSA B, also managed to beat the Albacete of the Globalcaja, achieving an important victory that places them in the middle of the table, although still close to the relegation places.

The totaneros aligned the usual Domingo Méndez father and son along with Mariano Tudela, while for the visitors Francisco Moreno, Francisco Javier Villar and Benjamín Caballero returned to play.

The visitor Francisco Villar began scoring the first game of the match against Domingo Jr., but the totanero raised the bar in the next three sets and won the victory.

In the second game, veteran Domingo was very solid against Benjamin and took the game 3-0.

Nice and even match the next, in which Mariano and Francisco Moreno faced.

Just as he did similarly the previous day in Elche, Mariano demonstrated its effectiveness at the key moments of each game and scored the three sets by 21-19, 14-12 and 16-14.

With 3-0 in the overall score, Domingo Méndez certified the victory for FRAMUSA B by beating 3-1 defending Francisco Javier Villar.

With the victory in his pocket, Domingo Méndez Jr. began his game with great success against Francisco Moreno, placing 2-0, but could not keep up, he lost the third game 12-10 and also the next two, giving in 2-3.

In the last match of the match, Mariano deployed his entire arsenal and was able to complete his great performance beating Benjamin 3-0.

With this victory FRAMUSA B is placed with 5 wins and 5 losses in the middle of the table, in the seventh position, but only one victory separates them from the relegation places.

The extreme equality that exists in the middle part of the table this season means that no team can neglect to avoid relegation.



In the Division of Autonomous Honor, FRAMUSA Totana could not add against Murcia Promises, which aligned Pablo Muñoz, Vicente García and Volodymyr Vovk.

Víctor Vélez, César Tejedor, Adrián Cánovas and Abraham López played for the totaneros.

The match began with Pablo's 3-0 victory against Victor.

In the next game, César took the lead and was close to taking the first three games against Vicente, but in the third he fell by 13-11 and the Murcia went on to take the initiative, managing to overcome and beat César 3-2.

In the third game, Volodymyr beat Adrián 3-0, and with him also 3-0 in the general score the Murcia would certify the victory with Pablo's match against César.

Volodymyr also managed to beat Victor, and with 5-0, Abraham entered to play the last game, resolved in three games matched in favor of Vicente Garcia.

With this defeat the totanero team is placed in the lower part of the classification with 2 victories and 4 defeats, but little by little the training will bear fruit and the progression will become clear.


The eight teams of the 1st Autonomous Division league congregated on Saturday morning in Totana, at the "Manolo Ibáñez" Municipal Sports Pavilion, to contest the 3rd and 4th days.

One of those eight teams is that of our club's school.

This weekend they played Domingo González, Francisco López, Michel Castro and Ángel Tudela.


In their first meeting of the day the totaneros faced a more experienced team.

Sergio García, Pablo García and Eduardo Miralles played for Palma.

Francisco gave in his first match 3-0 against Sergio, but in his second match he managed to start a game to Pablo.

Michel, in his first competition, performed well despite losing 3-0 against Pablo and 3-1 against Eduardo.

Domingo also gave 3-1 against Eduardo, and Ángel, who was lined up in the match once the Palmareños had certified, the victory, fell 3-0 against Sergio.


The second match of the day was much more even.

Niko Babán, Francisco Tornell and Miguel Tornell played for Murcia.

For the totaneros, Domingo competed well and could score two even matches, beating Francisco Tornell 3-2 and Niko Babán 3-1.

Fran also managed to score, and beat Miguel Tornell 3-1, but lacked regularity against Francisco Tornell and fell 3-1.

Angel this time he did not score and gave up his two games, but, like the others, he has a lot of room for improvement.

With these results it was reached 3-3, where the Totanera couple Domingo / Francisco faced the Murcia couple formed by Francisco Tornell and Niko Babán.

The totaneros lacked success in the final moments and gave 3-0 with the three games resolved by the minimum difference, but surely as they gain experience they can make better decisions at the decisive moments.


In 2nd National, FRAMUSA Totana once again has a double commitment, this time in front of two Valencian teams from the top of the standings, before which they must confirm the leadership and put land in between, something that seems complicated.

On the morning of Saturday 21st he will travel to Elda to face the team of La Torreta, and on Saturday afternoon he will visit Altea to face the CTT Altea.

For its part, FRAMUSA B has a key confrontation against IMATEC-Alsa City Cartagena, a direct rival in the fight for permanence.

The meeting will take place on Saturday 21 at 17h in Cartagena.

In the 3rd National the next day will not be held until Saturday, January 11 at 11 am, at which time the FRAMUSA Totana, leader of the league, will face CTM Murcia at home.

In the Division of Autonomous Honor, in the same way, FRAMUSA Totana will face on January 11 at 11 am against the CDTM Féminas Cartagena, also in the Manolo Ibáñez Pavilion.

In First Autonomic, the third concentration will be held that same weekend in the Prince of Asturias Pavilion of Murcia.

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