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Animal Welfare launches a campaign to encourage adoption of pets and responsible ownership of these animals


Coinciding with Christmas shopping time

The City Council of Totana will launch from this week an awareness campaign to encourage the adoption of pets and responsible possession of these animals in order to avoid abandonment before the arrival of Christmas, when purchased as a gift.

"Pets are not gifts, they are a responsibility" is the motto of the campaign presented by the Councilor for Animal Welfare, Immaculate Blázquez, and which has the collaboration of the local shelter "Refugio del Viento" and the Canine Association of Totana (Ascato)

The Department will distribute posters and information in different schools and businesses in order to make this awareness tool reach schoolchildren and the general public.

This municipal initiative aims to raise awareness and hold people accountable for how to care for pets, explain the commitments made to animals and avoid compulsive purchases that end in the final abandonment.

The campaign aims to avoid the purchase of pets during this Christmas time and, on the contrary, encourage their responsible acquisition by adopting protectors such as Wind Shelter in this town.

The idea is to guarantee the welfare of these adopted animals and to establish attitudes and common practices that lead to responsible behavior of their owners.

Immaculdada Blázquez has pointed out that the abandonment of pets is a “social concern of our time” and has advocated promoting these types of responsible holding practices to prevent and prevent animal abandonment.

In addition, he appealed to the responsible possession of pets at this time that pets are acquired;

and defended the castration of pets to avoid excessive proliferation and the existence of unwanted litters, as forms of responsible possession.

The Councilor for Animal Welfare has admitted that the shelter Refugio del Viento in Totana presents a "difficult situation" because while delivering up to 100 animals per year for adoption, it concentrates an average population of over 70 or 80 animals.

The mayor recalled that responsible tenure encompasses several aspects that should be raised by someone who wishes to have a pet, including the need for time to walk, play, clean and educate;

cover veterinary expenses, treatments and food and the choice depending on the time and space available.

He encouraged those interested to contact Shelter of the Wind for the adoption of pets or to ask canine advice to the Ascato Association through their Facebook profiles or the website or the phone 660 78 29 32 in the case of Ascato.

As he explained, to start the adoption process it is necessary to communicate with these entities to expose the reasons that lead to this desire, to make known the living space and context of the animal and its owner, as well as the characteristics that it looks for in the pet.

In addition, the adopting family is informed of the chip and vaccine procedure and the need for sterilization of the animal if it exceeds six months of life;

and it has to face a payment of 150 euros of fixed price for veterinary expenses.

Ascato also guides on advice on the relationships and care of the animal to avoid future problems, as well as possible spaces to leave pets during holiday spaces.

Animal Welfare launches a campaign to encourage adoption of pets and responsible ownership of these animals, Foto 1
Animal Welfare launches a campaign to encourage adoption of pets and responsible ownership of these animals, Foto 2

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