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Full weekend of victories for the totaneros teams of Club Totana TM



Important victory of the FRAMUSA at home, which allows the totaneros to strengthen the second place of group 8. He aligned himself with Pedro Miguel Ruíz and Julián and Santiago Méndez.

Juan Francisco López, Manuel González and Francisco Reina played for the Mazarroneros.

He started the game with Pedro Miguel showing his best version and beating the rival base, Juan Francisco, 3-0;

but at the next point the opposite would happen, because Manuel surprised Santiago in a good game that was resolved in 1-3.

With 1-1 in the overall score, Julian took advantage against Francisco Reina by taking the first two games, but the visitor managed to match the game.

In the fifth game, more secure and aggressive, Julian took the cat to the water and returned the advantage to the totaneros.

Santiago then faced Juan Francisco, who was the one who managed to win by 3-1, after four games matched to the totanero escaped at the key points.

Pedro Miguel was now the one who for the third time put the totaneros ahead on the overall score, by beating Francisco Reina 3-1.

With the obligation to win to shore up the victory for his team, Julian managed to close the game with a win against Manuel, also 3-1, after raising the bar in the last two games.

With this new victory, the totaneros take advantage of their persecutors and place second with 6 wins and 1 defeat, which allows them to start planning and assault the first place in the group, although the commitments that remain until the end of the first back they will be certainly complicated.


FRAMUSA B gave the surprise to be imposed at home before the group leader, the Lady of Elche, achieving an important victory that serves to leave the relegation places.

The locals lined up the Costa Rican Daniel Jesús Araya, Víctor Manuel Gamboa and Valentín Romero, while the usual Mariano Tudela, Domingo Méndez and Domingo Méndez junior played for the totaneros.

The match began with the confrontation between veteran Domingo and the young defender Daniel Araya.

Domingo scored the first game in extremis, but the local player was able to score the next three with good defenses and attacks.

Domingo Jr. then appeared at the table, who was seen with Victor Gamboa.

The totanero was both aggressive and effective and managed to beat 3-0.

The third point was key, because Mariano Tudela managed to put FRAMUSA B ahead by beating Valentin Romero 3-0, making a great game and showing himself very successful in the key moments of each game, solving the three sets by the minimum difference.

With 1-2 for the totaneros, Domingo beat Victor Gamboa 3-0, being equally impassable with his blocks and counterattacks.

With 1-3 on the overall score, the Totaneros lacked a victory to seal the victory.

On the first occasion, Mariano could not achieve it despite measuring yourself to you against Daniel Araya, who after four games matched was who could beat 3-1.

The second yes was achieved by Domingo Jr., who again developed a great game and beat Valentin Romero 3-0.

With this important victory the totaneros ascend to the eighth place, with 4 wins and 5 losses, leaving a difference of a victory over the team that closes the relegation positions.



Equally important was the victory of the Third Division FRAMUSA, which faced the El Palmar team with whom it shared the first place in the league.

Cayetano Rodríguez and Vicente and Pepe Carreño played for the totaneros, while Bonifacio Martínez, Héctor Carrillo and Álvaro Palazón did it for Palma.

Vicente opened the match with a 3-2 victory against Álvaro Palazón, winning the three games he scored clearly.

Later, Pepe would extend the advantage with a great comeback against Héctor Carrillo, who had managed to get 2-0 up.

Cayetano later could not finish in the key moments, and gave 0-3 to Bonifacio, losing two of the games in the advantages.

Pepe would again expand the advantage for FRAMUSA by winning 3-1 to Álvaro Palazón, re-signing a good performance adding his two points to the team.

Then, Vicente would seal the victory for the totaneros by beating Bonifacio 3-0, with the three games resolved by the minimum.

With 4-1 on the scoreboard, Cayetano took advantage before Hector taking the first game, but the Palma managed to take the next three and leave the final score at 4-2.

The FRAMUSA recovered in this way the first solo place of the Murcian group of the Third National Division, with 6 wins and 1 defeat.

However, the level of the teams is more even than the classification reflects and we will have to sweat to maintain the leadership.



Victoria also from the Honor Division team, which received the team from Cartagena that aligned Álvaro Martínez, Mario García and Esteban Fullea.

Abraham López, César Tejedor and Adrián Cánovas played for the totaneros.

The meeting with Abraham began by developing well at the table and winning 3-0 to Mario.

Then, matched match between Adrián and Álvaro.

The Cartagena began winning 2-0, and although the totanero managed to take the next two, in the fifth game the Cartagena again prevailed.

In the third game, César beat Esteban 3-0 with good attacks.

In the confrontation between Abraham and Álvaro, this time it was the totanero who took advantage 2-0, and the Cartagena who equaled 2. But in a matched fifth game this time the comeback was culminated and Abraham gave in 2-3 .

With 2-2 in the general score of the match, César played another beautiful and exciting match against Mario, with the bad luck that in the fifth and final game, with a score of 8-7 favorable to the totanero, the Cartagena suffered a sprain which prevented him from finishing the game.

We hope you recover as soon as possible.

Adrián closed the match by beating Esteban 3-0 clearly, certifying the victory for the totaneros and leaving the score at 4-2.

After this encounter the totaneros of FRAMUSA are placed in the sixth place with 2 victories and 3 defeats, although the important thing is without doubt that they continue with their progression.


Next weekend there is no league competition for the dispute of the National Tournament in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), which will be attended by 7 players from Club Totana TM: in children's Pepe and Cayetano, in Sub23 Santiago and Sunday, in senior Julián Méndez and in veterans Julián Cerón and Vicente Carreño.

In this tournament the last 9 places per category are disputed that give the right to participate in the State Tournament, which will be held in Valladolid in the month of February, in which the 48 best players in each category participate.

The next league day will take place on the weekend of December 14 and 15.

In Second National, FRAMUSA Totana has a double commitment.

On the morning of Saturday 14 will face the SOTM Globalcaja of Albacete in the municipal hall "Manolo Ibáñez", and in the afternoon will move to San Javier to dispute the victory against the San Javier TM Athletic Club.

FRAMUSA B, for its part, will also face the SOTM Global Box, on Saturday 14 at 17 hours.

In Third National, the FRAMUSA Totana will travel to Cartagena on Sunday, the 15th to face the 11 hours at the CDTM Féminas Cartagena.

For its part, the FRAMUSA Autonomous Honor Division will travel to Murcia on Saturday 14 at 11 am to face the CTM Murcia Promises.

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