The PP denounces that "the mayor and his minority government team work from obscurantism to the opposition and neighbors"


It is the Mayor who governs with less support from the history of Totana, even so, it seems that he does so with an overwhelming majority since he ignores the agreements adopted in full dialogue, participation and consensus.

The Mayor and his government team of 5 councilors skip all kinds of agreement acquired in the holding of the plenary sessions by the 21 corporate.

It is the Mayor who governs in Totana with less citizen support in the history of democracy, but due to his ego and his lack of respect for the people of Totana he does so as if he had a crushing majority, since what the opposition raises or the agreements adopted in full, do not take them into account and govern at the blow of Facebook.

We have a clear example in the drafting of the budgets, which are being written behind the back of the opposition, without taking into account the approaches made by it during the debates of the plenary sessions in which the holding of working tables was agreed for the writing of them.

Instead of discussing and taking into account the proposals of the opposition, which represents a large majority of Totana's neighbors, it is making the hidden budgets and without giving rise to input from the rest of the parties, once they present them, The opposition will not have the option of introducing items or contributions.

From the PP we know that it will present some budgets already closed and that we are finding out through the media of the distribution of items to various sectors.

We want to denounce the lack of transparency and consensus of this Mayor, who is working hard to kill and hit Facebook, without giving any explanation, not only to opposition politicians, not even to neighbors who are affected For your decisions.

His actions and decisions are taken without technical criteria, one day he gets up with an idea and executes it, without a report from the competent technicians who support his decisions, a clear example of this are the changes in traffic direction made in semi-pedestrianization of the Plaza de la Constitución, which in addition to not having a report by public works technicians or police drafted prior to the adoption of the measures (the report written by the police is dated the same day that the PP requested information about of what technical and police criteria had been followed for the change of direction of the streets, all a few days after having adopted the measures of the change of traffic direction in the center of the municipality), nor has it had the neighbors of the affected areas to give solutions to the problems that have been generated after the adoption of their decisions, as can happen with the neighbors of the C / Mayor Se

Villa and those of the Cañada Zamora and San José area, which have seen limited access to their homes, or with members of the opposition parties that have not been aware of any of their decisions.

Nor do we know anything about their town planning meetings about the General Plan in the Autonomous Community, perhaps, because they took out the colors when they presented themselves with the duties not done.

We have a Mayor dedicated to praising himself in social networks, but not giving explanations of his actions, a Mayor who works with total obscurantism before the rest of corporate and especially before the neighbors affected by their decisions, a Mayor who with this type of political action gives the right to the articles of the press in which they value him as the less transparent Mayor of the Region.

The PP denounces that "the mayor and his minority government team work from obscurantism to the opposition and neighbors", Foto 1

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