The ordinary plenary session of October goes ahead to Wednesday morning to coincide with the traditional pasted posters of the 10-N elections


The session of the ordinary plenary session corresponding to the month of October is advanced to tomorrow, Wednesday, October 30, starting at 7:00 p.m., to coincide on Thursday with the traditional poster paste of the 10-N general elections.

Among the items on the agenda, the motion of the Mayor's Office in support of the proposed alternative layout for the 400 Kw High Voltage Air Line-Totana Adif traction substation presented by the Platform of People Affected by the Line in the Deputations of La Ñorica and Lébor.

Another motion of interest is the joint one to demand that the Segura Hydrographic Confederation and the Central Government carry out the construction of the channeling and the Lamberage dam of Lébor.

In addition, the proposal of the Mayor's Office on the implementation of the fiscal ordinance regulating the municipal public occupancy rate for private use or special use of the local public domain of electric, gas, water, and hydrocarbon transportation facilities is included.

The agenda includes the motions of the Department of Roads for inclusion in the Municipal Registry of names for two rural roads in the Diputación de Mortí;

and that of the Department of Education to urge the Ministry of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia to undertake the construction of a third Institute of Secondary Education and Baccalaureate in Totana.

The motion of the Department of Health will also be debated to require the Ministry of the branch to comply with the deadlines established for access to scheduled health benefits set forth in Decree No. 25/2006, of March 31 .

Motions political groups

Other motions included are those presented by the Municipal Group Win Totana-IU on request for measures in the face of the serious situation of the Mar Menor;

request the Autonomous Community to expand the repeater of the 'Tetra Network' to improve the coverage they need for their communications, civil protection, fire, police, etc.;

and in relation to the reduction of sidewalks and fords in residences for people with reduced mobility.

The Popular Municipal Group has raised several motions on implantation in the educational centers (Infant and Primary) of the municipality "Banco de la Amistad", on a new royal drought decree and on a new Comprehensive Cleaning Plan.

For its part, the Municipal Socialist Group has also presented several motions for the implementation of a Municipal Health Council and the reactivation of the Area III Health Council;

and on the creation of a Technical Commission for the establishment and operation of a Museum in Totana.

Likewise, the Municipal Socialist Group has registered several more motions on the adaptation of the basement-base of the Study Room "José María Munuera y Abadía", as an exhibition venue, conference room and meeting place for youth associations;

the 24-hour opening of a study room;

and on the implementation of Law 1/2019, of February 19, on the Music of the Region of Murcia.

The corporate will discuss other motions of the PSOE on the inclusion in the convocation of the Regional Councils of Employment of a memory to restore and create paths within our municipal term;

and in relation to the need to create a joint commission to study the pedestrianization of different areas of Totana.

Finally, the motion of the Civil Platform "Now Totana" for the installation of canine parks, spaces in which dogs can spread without disturbing the neighbors and the establishment of facilities to perform their physiological needs in a controlled manner and without that cause discomfort to the rest of the population.

The ordinary plenary session of October goes ahead to Wednesday morning to coincide with the traditional pasted posters of the 10-N elections, Foto 1

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