[Totana TM club weekend results.

The FRAMUSA TOTANA TM] was resting on 2nd National] | While the B had double displacement Elda-Altea that resulted in a victory and a defeat.

The 3rd National team also has a rest while the regional DH team moved to Mazarrón where they gave in the double 4-3.



Good game of the totaneros in Elda where they brought a worked victory, much more suffered than what the final score reflected.

Vicente Carreño aligned with Domingo Méndez and Domingo Jr.

He started the game in the face with a good game of Domingo Jr. very safe and constant in his attacks surpassed left-handed Sergio Sánchez 1-3.

Vicente started without taking risks what Ruben Rizo took advantage of with security and good attacks to get 2-0.

Finally Vicente's reaction came now attacking and forcing equaling 2. Good start in the fifth game but reaction of the local player with what reached 10-10.

In the end two good points of the totanero put the 0-2 in the general score. 2 ° 2

Veteran Domingo in his match with Higinio started the first game badly and although he reacted and improved in the second to match again, the local player attacked again well in the following games, beating totanero 3-1.

Domingo Jr. again attacking and leading the initiative added his point again.

Rubén played well but it was not enough for the good run of the totanero.

This put the overall score at 1-3.

Good game played next between Domingo Méndez and Sergio Sánchez.

The totanero was put 0-2 with solidity and taking advantage of Sergio's doubts.

The local player was more offensive, which went well for him to reach 2. Fifth manga exciting and full of good game of the two that took the totanero in an exciting 9-11 with what secured the points FRAMUSA B.

Last point in a new intense dispute in which Vicente beat Higinio 1-3 and left the score in the final 1-5.


In the second match of the double displacement defeat in Altea.

They played in Altea both Sundays and Mariano Tudela.

The first point was for totaneros.

Domingo Jr. continued his streak of good play and although Juan Delgado showed a lot of security in his blocks it was the totanero who imposed.

Mariano was surpassed by Angel Olaya.

I couldn't with the efficiency of the local player who won 3-0.

The next point was also for the locals.

Domingo Méndez could not with the effectiveness of Valentino Mitkov that surprised him 3-0.

Domingo Jr. and Angel Olaya played a good game.

Our player in many phases took the initiative, but the first game 11-9 escaped and although later he got the next 11-8, again the local player achieved good points to win 3-1 and also put the general score in 3-1 .

Hope was returning for the Totana team with the victory of our veteran to Delgado.

Matched match in which the fifth game was reached where the totanero managed to raise the level to put the 3-2 on the general scoreboard.

You could reach the doubles if you won the totanero but it was not possible because although Mariano scored a game he again showed himself safe and effective Valentino leaving the final score at 4-2 for the home team.



Defeat in doubles 4-3 of the regional DH team in its displacement to Mazarrón that played with Juan Antonio Tejedor, Cesar and Víctor Vélez.

Juan Antonio Tejedor got his two points in his first league game.

He beat Moreno 3-1 and Cortes 3-0.

Cesar added the first point of the match against Cortes but then gave in to Gonzalez.

Victor continues his progression but it was not enough to score and gave in to Moreno and Gonzalez.

In the double César and Juan Antonio they were ahead 2-0 but then they could not maintain the level and they were surpassed what put the general marker in the final 4-3 for the local team.


With the victory of Elda and the defeat of Altea FRAMUSA B is placed with 3 wins and 3 losses at the center of the classification of group 8 of 2nd National.

Next weekend there will be no league for the Zonal Tournament dispute that this year will be held in Almendralejo (Badajóz) from November 1 to 3 and in which 8 total players will participate.

The next league day in both national and regional categories will be on November 9 and 10.

The TOTANA FRAMUSA will face the IMATEC-ALSA CITY CARTAGENA in Cartagena on Saturday at 5 pm while FRAMUSA B will also do it at home on Saturday 9 at the same time in front of the CTM MURCIA.

The 3rd National team will play at Puente Tocinos in front of La Nave on Sunday 10 at 10 am confrontation that will be repeated in the regional DH category also on Sunday 10 at 10.

As for the Zonal Bridge Tournament next weekend this is played individually in all categories.

In Zone 4, which corresponds to the totanero players, players from the Autonomous Communities of Andalusia, Extremadura and Murcia will participate.

They rank the first 9 of each category for the State Tournament that will already be played in the month of February.

, Foto 1
, Foto 2
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