"Commitment, responsibility, rigor and adjustment plans"


Juan José Cánovas

Last night at the Extraordinary Plenary session, we agreed on a proposal from the Mayor's Office to receive the aid of the Ministry of Finance for which it unified, we go around 66 million debt (67% of the total and official debt that are 99 million), with a fixed interest of 0.874% and a term of 20 years with 2 of lack in the amortization of capital.

All very well here.

But there was a condition that the Ministry imposes on us in Point 4 of the agreement that says the following: "CONFIRM (for the full) the commitment to adopt the measures that are necessary for compliance with the Adjustment Plan, and where appropriate , approve those that may be required by the Ministry of Finance, in the event of non-compliance or risk of non-compliance with the Adjustment Plan "

It is normal that when someone (City Hall, Company, Family) receives such important help to refinance their debt, whoever lends you (Ministry or Bank), asks you to fulfill your part.

That seems not to be understood by the 15 councilors of the opposition and I approved that point 4, leaving the councilors of the Municipal Group of Winning Totana IU in a beneficial operation as a whole that would cover 20 years or 5 different Corporations.

There was also controversy on the part of the PSOE about the medals to be placed and such or that "I laughed at I don't know what".

I have never laughed at anyone, but I have never believed that "the godparents" in Madrid were to give away or forgive the municipal debt of the City of Totana.

I didn't believe it, I don't believe it, nor will I believe it.

What the Government on duty does (in this case Pedro Sánchez's) is to refinance our debt in very good conditions, but it does not forgive a penny of the current debt.

The same Government (PP or PSOE) that allowed the City Council to borrow up to the limits that we find in an irresponsible way.

Another controversy was with the Adjustment Plans that both the spokeswoman of the PP, Isabel García Merinos, and the Spokesman of Citizens (formerly PP), David Amorós or the councilor of "the Transparent Platform", José Antonio Andreo, affirmed that in the period 2011-2015 Adjustment Plans had been approved, which I categorically denied and some, like Mr. Andreo, told me that "I was going to prove it."

The Adjustment Plans, to be valid, must be approved by the Plenary and approved by the Ministry of Finance.

In those years (2011-2015) with the PP Government, 2 Adjustment Plans were approved in plenary, in 2012 and 2013, which were knocked down by the Ministry for not being serious or rigorous (I affirm this), issuing its unfavorable report and leaving without effect what was approved by the Plenary.

The first serious Adjustment Plan that was approved in the City of Totana, was proposed by me as Mayor in 2015, after rejecting the Plenary for 2 times with the votes of PP and PSOE together.

That Adjustment Plan, if it had the favorable information of the Ministry and is the one that has served as a guide for the subsequent ones until 2017.

For general information and in particular to José Antonio Andreo and Isabel García Merinos, I publish the resolutions of the Ministry, denying the Adjustment Plans of that period that were not approved by the Body that has to approve them: The Government of the Nation.

Either memory fails or be documented when something so important is affirmed in a plenary that does not fit reality.

Juan José Cánovas

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