They present a wide and attractive program of set and theatrical visits


The Department of Tourism has recently presented a broad and attractive program of guided tours, set and theatrical, which will continue during this term under the new contract "Promotion activities and visits to tourist attractions of the municipality", recently awarded to the company "Cultura Connection".

The councilor of the branch, Verónica Carricondo, accompanied by the company's representative, Joaquín Medina, and the historians Teresa Fernández Azorín and Javier Crespo, have realized the new offer scheduled for the coming months under this program.

This new initiative allows the organization of a program of tourist visits to other heritage sites in the urban area of ​​Totana that, although they are not unknown, further promotion is necessary, according to the mayor.

Totana has a great archeological heritage that everyone is known for (La Bastida) and for years the city council has been working for its promotion and dissemination through a program of guided tours divided into standard, set, theatrical and a very program Care of workshops for schools suitable for different educational levels.

The visits are made every Saturday, Sunday and holidays in two hours 10:00 and 12:00 hours, for the general public and groups of groups, associations, among others.

Theatrical visits.

This visit has the peculiarity of knowing the site through characters that come out to meet visitors such as the archaeologist Luis Siret, the gypsy who reproduced pieces and sold them to museums throughout Europe as was "El Rosao" omar women and argaric men in their daily tasks will delight apotheños and elders in a trip in time.

Within the tour of the site, they will visit the Casa Argárica, which contributes to increase the main attraction if it is possible to know our past. There are two program dates that are next Saturday, October 19 and December 14 in two passes 9:30 and 12:30 hours

Set Visits.

The Department proposes another way to get to know La Bastida: women and Argaric men in their daily tasks will delight young and old in a journey through time being the visitors the protagonists as they will be the ones who, helped by their ancestors, make their own shell necklace , candle holders, etc. that will be taken home.

Program date on November 16 in two passes 9:30 and 12:30









For schools that visit La Bastida, the offer has been expanded with:




Scheduled date from Monday to Friday during the school period from 9:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

For the general public:

Natural Route through Sierra Espuña and Cueva de la Plata.

Natural Route through Sierra Espuña and the Cueva de la Plata.

Route that combines natural and archaeological heritage in the heart of Sierra Espuña.

The route starts from the Bermejo hill where summits, flora and fauna will be described to continue on the road to LaCarrasca where stories of the snowfall that the area was registering years ago and the stories about this phenomenon will be told.

Continue the route until you reach the Cueva de la Plata where the paintings found there will be explained.Information of interest: -Average difficulty.- Total Km. 11.63 Round trip.

- Public from 15 years accompanied by adults

Program date October 27 10:30, meeting point Collado Bermejo.

All Saints Special

Theatrical visit "A ghost in La Cárcel".

Visitors will meet a 19th-century man representing the architect in charge of the works of the Justo Millán Espinosa building.

He will explain that he has returned from the past to solve a problem, there is a ghost in the building that does not want to leave.

They will have to help the main character to find this ghost in a visit in which they will interact with other characters that will give clues to their whereabouts through the explanation of issues concerning both the current building and those that were located on the same hill (mosque, hermitage of doctors Cosme and Damián and current building). Date program October 31 8:30 p.m., meeting place of the main door of the Socio-Cultural Center La Cárcel.

Encouragement route through the Historic Cemetery of Totana.

The proposal is to know with this visit to the cemetery a series of aspects linked to the History of Totana through its most illustrious characters who rest in this cemetery such as Don Rogelio Saez Inchaurrandieta and Páez discover of La Bastida or Don José Munuera and illustrious Abbey Totanero historian.

It will be explained how historical episodes such as the 1918 flu affected the population and will stop in the most interesting pantheons and graves both at an artistic and iconographic level.

And without forgetting some disturbing story ... all with the utmost respect and sensitivity from the guide.

Program date November 2 at 5:30 p.m. and November 3 at 10:30 a.m., meeting place of the main door of the Municipal Cemetery

Santiago Parish and historic center

Theatrical visit "Totana, fief of the Order of Santiago".

A gentleman of the Order of Santiago will accompany visitors through such significant enclaves of Totana as the Church of Santiago, Fountain of Juan de Uzeta, Moruno oven ... and will meet characters that will delight adults and children in their stories about the History, and local ethnography.

Scheduled date December 7 10: 30h, meeting point Tourist Office.

The Department is already working on visits for the first quarter of 2020, when they want to organize also theatrical and theatrical visits to La Bastida and the visit "In the heart of Sierra Espuña lives La Santa" that will take place in the Sanctuary of the Patron.

To carry out this entire program, the Department has the winning bidder of the service that has extensive experience in the development of cultural and leisure activities throughout the Region of Murcia.

In turn, this entity collaborates with the Society of Historiological and Ethnographic Studies, the Association Friends of Tudmir and Alfarería Romero and Hernández in the development of the aforementioned theatrical visits.

They present a wide and attractive program of set and theatrical visits, Foto 1
They present a wide and attractive program of set and theatrical visits, Foto 2
They present a wide and attractive program of set and theatrical visits, Foto 3
They present a wide and attractive program of set and theatrical visits, Foto 4
They present a wide and attractive program of set and theatrical visits, Foto 5

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