The PP says that Totana has been in a paralysis for 100 days


"Paralysis is the best summary of the 100 days of the Government of Juan José Cánovas and his team," says Juan Pagán at a press conference

Totana takes 100 days in a real paralysis.

The problem of this paralysis lies in a Government Team of 6 councilors and in which his head, the Mayor of Totana, considers that he can act as if it were an absolute majority, he believes that he should not negotiate or reach points of agreement, and the only thing he knows how to do well is to become the victim before the opposition of 15 councilors.

The Mayor has not yet understood, however much he turns the situation around, that the people of Totana want a government of consensus, dialogue and understanding, a question, that we fear that Mr. Mayor has not even , neither wants nor will understand throughout the legislature.

Totana is mired in total paralysis;

the streets are dirtier than ever, the containers in very poor condition, the dumps proliferate through all the openings, abandoned lots, roads and impassable streets, dirty parks, the General Plan continues in the drawer, the Polygon has become a residual polygon, nobody wants to settle in it and the companies go to other polygons, the Councilor for education, goes on vacation during the beginning of the course, a sign of how interested you are for problems of children and youth.

Totana does not stand out for anything among the rest of the Municipalities, the passivity of the political class and the abandonment of the Siege of the Bastida, the Sanctuary of the Holy, its parties and many tourist claims make us have become a town without identification .

The lack of management and a political initiative during the first 100 days of government and a non-existent roadmap makes the councils are not in place and the work maintains an inertia of the previous legislature that shone by the lack of control between two teams of government that all they could do was fight.

Paralyzed projects such as the park bar, the sports bar, the contract of the houses of the Holy, the General Plan and a long etc that show that they are not focused on the future of Totana, three months have been taken to put a salary at your convenience, but what it is to work shines by your absence

The only thing that this Mayor and his councilors know how to do is throw balls outside and blame all the evils of this people on others, particularly the Popular Party, but they are only plunging Totana into the greatest paralysis in history.

We are not worth the excuses they have used for the past 4 years.

There is no road map that contemplates what are the lines of action and political priorities for the coming months, which implies that it will continue to be a government team that is going to kill and just improvise, so it has happened with the issue of neighborhood complaints by the neighbors of the C / Bullas, they are not able to manage some cures, when all the municipalities are doing it, they are only able to blame others and act when the problems are already insufferable

The government has been exclusively concerned with trying to pay € 29,000 to each of its councilors, and trying to buy the opposition with two other councilors released for the same amount, once the opposition has not succumbed to their blackmail, They have approved similar salaries to the average of the average salary of Murcia, although Mr. Mayor does not seem enough, and only tries to ridicule and ruin the work of the councilors of the opposition, when he knows very well what it is to be in the opposition and the time that must be thrown to all the problems of the municipality.

Meanwhile, there is still an uncoordination in the Councils not only before citizens but also among the City Council technicians and workers themselves causing a lack of effective resolution to the day-to-day management, overlapping some areas and the competences with others.

The Mayor of Totana continues with a speech and a mood of mayor of a few instead of being of all totaneros, more aware of social networks than the real problems of the neighbors.

A Mayor, in this case that of Totana, should not be so aware of social networks, should govern for all Totaneros, and not only for those who voted for him, not to discriminate against those people who have another political thought other than his as he has been doing so far.

This Mayor wants to sell an apparent democracy and citizen participation that is not real, because he does not keep the opposition groups informed, only at the request of them and past water, making spokespersons meetings in which nothing is managed just so that serve as a shield for your unilateral way of working.

The Popular Party will continue working on providing proposals to the plenary that benefits the people of Totana, will continue to transfer to the Regional Government the needs of the residents of our municipality, despite the Mayor's complaint when considering that the Opposition Groups cannot work or meet regional offices, but must be passive as they were when they were in opposition.

The Popular Party continues working in the present to improve the future of Totana's neighbors and thanks businessmen for generating more jobs and the social fabric for revitalizing the life of this people, despite the paralysis of the institution and the lack of political action by the government team.

The PP says that Totana has been in a paralysis for 100 days, Foto 1

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