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The mayor denounces a "strangulation strategy" to the municipal government


Regrets that the opposition promotes increasing allocations for full assistance by 73% and lowering 19% the salary of councilors with exclusive dedication

The mayor of Totana, Juan José Cánovas, has denounced a "strategy of strangulation" to the municipal government by the municipal groups of the opposition, regretting that this legislature has increased the allocations for full assistance up to 73% and, for on the contrary, the salary of the councilors with exclusive dedication is reduced by 19%.

The first mayor appeared before the media to take stock of the ordinary plenary session in September, in which, among other matters, the proposal of the Mayor's Office, prepared at the Working Table that was convened for that purpose, was approved;

with the votes in favor of the PSOE, PP, Vox and C´s, the abstention of Now Totana and against Win Totana-IU.

In recent weeks, several meetings of the aforementioned Working Table constituted by the Plenary have been held to study proposals that would allow reaching the maximum consensus, "without this having meant the full agreement or coincidence with the proposal debated and finally approved, against of the mayor and the government team, "he said.

The councilor reiterated that the proposal approved by the Plenary and that the aforementioned Working Table was determined "was determined against the criteria of the Mayor's Office by legal imperative", since, as he said, "it is the mayor who is obliged to raise this proposal for discussion and approval, without agreeing with its content. "

In addition, Juan José Cánovas said that the municipal government councilors, all of them from Ganar Totana-IU, will not collect salary compensation retroactively from the date they took office - three months ago -;

while, on the contrary, the entire Corporation and the groups will receive their corresponding assignments for assistance to collegiate bodies since June 15.

Under this agreement, the following compensation is established for attendance at collegiate bodies of the Municipal Corporation for this term: ordinary plenary session (400 euros), extraordinary plenary session (180 euros), permanent information commission (60 euros), local government board ( 160 euros) and board of spokespersons (60 euros).

In addition, the Plenary also agreed to set compensation for attendance at the 60-euro board meeting for each of the pedinal mayors.

The following subsidies are also established for the political groups that make up the Municipal Corporation: quarterly, each municipal political group will receive a subsidy of 250 euros, increased in the amount of 450 euros for each councilor who composes it, which is shall be used to meet the ordinary operating expenses thereof.

This subsidy cannot be used to pay staff remuneration of any kind to the service of the groups or to acquire assets that may constitute fixed assets of a patrimonial nature, as set forth in current legal regulations.

Likewise, it was agreed that five deputy mayor will perform their positions under exclusive dedication, establishing the following remuneration regime for the exercise of their responsibilities (annual gross amounts to be paid in fourteen monthly installments): 38,000 euros gross annually to the mayor-president and 22,790 gross euros per year to the 5 deputy mayor, all of them under exclusive dedication.

In this regard, the mayor explained that only the members of the Corporation that do not have exclusive or partial dedication will receive attendance for the effective attendance at the sessions of the municipal collegiate bodies.

At the end of this matter, the mayor announced that, for the moment, the mayor and three councilors of the government team (Agustín Gonzalo Martínez, Pedro José Pérez and Javier Baños) will be released, which is not an obstacle for the rest do later based on your personal and professional circumstances.

After the municipal elections last May and despite the fact that the local Administration has continued to function normally, the Municipal Corporation of Totana presented a situation of institutional interruption as a result of the lack of agreements between the municipal groups for the operating conditions of these and the allocations to the corporate government and the opposition.

The mayor denounces a "strangulation strategy" to the municipal government, Foto 1
The mayor denounces a "strangulation strategy" to the municipal government, Foto 2

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