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The PP of Totana urges the Government Team to work for the definitive approval of the General Plan


It will be one of the motions that the Popular Municipal Group will raise in the plenary tomorrow, in addition to urging the CHS to clean the channels of the Ramblas

The Popular Municipal Group will request during the celebration of the next plenary session, September 26, that the Government Team proceed to issue the pertinent orders in order to finalize the General Plan file.

The Ministry of Development and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Land Management, Architecture and Housing, signed on June 4, 2018 a report that was sent to the City of Totana on the file of the General Municipal Plan of Totana.

The report in question referred to the documentation submitted by the City of Totana, in which it requested the correction of a series of deficiencies of the document presented months before.

There are many times when the Popular Party has requested in the plenary to continue with the processing of the General Plan, last January and at the proposal of the Popular Party the following was approved by majority regarding the PGMO:

That the Plenary URGENTly approve the PGMO with the corrected deficiencies submitted in the June 4, 2018 report of the Directorate General for Land Management, Architecture and Housing.

Give this agreement to the technical editors of the PGMO.

This motion was approved with the votes in favor of the PSOE and IU-WIN TOTANA (which at that time formed both groups the Government Team) but we fear that this approval was simply, by these groups, a toast to the sun and a kick forward in the face of the elections that were held in May, since the mayor at that time of the PSOE, did not take any steps to comply with it, but kept the document sleeping the dream of the righteous.

From the date on which the City Council of Totana received the request to correct deficiencies, by the CARM, nothing has been done to respond to them.

The document of the General Plan was approved in plenary of March 26, 2015 and from that date on, each and every one of the applications proposed by the General Directorate was rectified, not without having, by the Popular Municipal Group requesting that the processing of the document was no longer paralyzed, and so we had to do in December 2015, request that the Municipal Government put them to work urgently in the resolution of the work requested on 07/29/2015 to continue the processing of document.

After carrying out the correction of these proposals, the requested documentation was sent to the General Directorate of Land Management, Architecture and Housing on June 15, 2017 and subsequently completed on 03/21/2018.

After this date, not a minute has been worked on in the follow-up of the processing of the General Plan, such that as of June 2018 the last report was submitted to which the proposed conditions had to be answered and corrected and from the City Council not the machinery has been put in place to proceed with it.

The Popular Party in the responsibility that the General Plan document must be approved and recalling the importance of such approval for the Municipality in its socio-economic development, requests the Mayor and the Town Planning Councilor to get to work in the document that has been sent to the General Directorate and that the processing of the general plan culminates, since that was what was approved by a majority in the Municipal Plenary.

Therefore, during the celebration of the plenary session we will request the Mayor;

to convene a meeting in which the Technicians of the City of Totana explain the document to the members of the new corporation, to request a meeting with the Director and / or competent General Director in order to express the intention of the City of Totana to correct the existing deficiencies and to complete the process of the General Plan, that the Mayor give the necessary orders to the Municipal Technicians to get to work in the correction of the pending deficiencies.

On the other hand, and in the exhibition and defense of another motion, we will request that the Segura Hydrographic Confederation be urged to clean the Ramblas of the Municipal Term of Totana, after the episode of cold gout suffered in the Region of Murcia.

The municipality of Totana is surrounded by an important number of waterways that cross it throughout the entire Municipal Term.

The ramblas are the responsibility of the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura (CHS) and from the Popular Municipal Group we understand that it is this body that must carry out the cleaning and clearing of the possible obstacles and weeds existing in them.

The rain that can occur in the face of atmospheric phenomena that occur at this time are torrential that can lead to floods, if the rambles are not clean and give rise to trawls that are clogging water outlets, that is why we consider Of vital importance the execution of these works.

The PP of Totana urges the Government Team to work for the definitive approval of the General Plan, Foto 1

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