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Resolution of mayoral appointment of the deputy mayor, of the constitution of the governing board and of the mayoral delegations in the governing board


On June 15, 2019, the new Corporation of the City of Totana was constituted in plenary session according to the results of the local elections of May 26 of the current year.

As a result of the constitution of the new Corporation, it is necessary to carry out a new reorganization of the political and administrative structure of the City Council in the exercise of its power of self-organization recognized to local entities in article 4.1 a) of the LRBRL and in accordance with the municipal needs.

Bearing in mind, therefore, that once the Local Government Board has been constituted and its members appointed, the Mayor-President, as well as the Plenary, will be able to delegate in that body the delegable powers that it deems appropriate.

The Local Government Board is composed of the Mayor and a number of councilors that can not be greater than one third of the legal number of the same.

The Local Government Board, thus integrated, and under the presidency of the Mayor's Office, shall be responsible for permanent assistance to the same in the exercise of its powers, as well as those delegated by the Mayor or the Plenary, or expressly attributed to the laws.

The councilors that make up the governing board are appointed and dismissed freely by the Mayor, reporting to the Plenary, notifying, in addition, personally to the designated.

The resolution must be published in the BORM, without prejudice to its effectiveness from the day following the signature of the same by the mayor, if it is not provided otherwise.

The governing board holds ordinary sessions on a weekly basis (Article 23 of the Municipal Organic Regulation), having to hold a constituent meeting, at the summons of the Mayor, within ten days following that in which the Mayor has designated the members that comprise it.

It is the responsibility of the mayor to establish, by decree, the day and hour in which the ordinary session should be held (Article 112.3 ROF).

And considering that this is in accordance with the general interest, in accordance with articles 21.3 of Law 7/1985 of April 2 and 43, 44 and 45 of RD 2568/1986, of November 28 and


FIRST.- To constitute the Local Government Board of the City of Totana, which will be composed of the Mayor and the following councilors, who are appointed in turn as Lieutenants of the Mayor with the faculties and powers granted by the Law:

First Deputy Mayor: Ms. Inmaculada Blázquez Acosta.

Second Deputy Mayor: Ms. Verónica Carricondo Gázquez.

Third Deputy Mayor: Mr. Pedro José Sánchez Pérez.

Fourth Deputy Mayor: Mr. Agustín Gonzalo Martínez Hernández.

Fifth Deputy Mayor: Mr. Javier Baños Tudela.

SECOND.- Carry out, in accordance with the provisions of article 21.1 and 21.3 LRBRL, the following DELEGATIONS OF ATTRIBUTIONS CORRESPONDING TO THE MAYOR IN FAVOR OF THE BOARD OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT:

I. Personnel Management:

Approve the offer of public employment in accordance with the Budget and the template approved by the Plenary.

Approve the bases of the tests for the selection of the personnel and for the contests of provision of jobs.

Distribute complementary payments that are not fixed and periodic.

Order the instruction of disciplinary files and agree to the imposition of sanctions on personnel, except for the separation of service from the officers of the Corporation and the dismissal of the labor personnel, reporting to the Plenary.


Town planning:

Approvals of planning instruments for the development of general planning not expressly attributed to the Plenary.

Approvals of urban management instruments.

The approvals of the urbanization projects.

The granting of urban planning licenses for major works -as well as their modifications, changes of ownership, extensions of term, provisional licenses, declarations of expiration of licenses and reporting requests to the Regional Administration for construction on undeveloped land.

Liquidation of Fees and taxes and Recognition of tax credits on rates whose taxable events are related to urban activities and that are not the competence of the plenary session.

Activity licenses and environmental authorizations, unless expressly attributed to the Plenary by sectoral laws.


Heritage and Contracting:

Contracts for works, supply, services, management of public services, special administrative contracts and private contracts when their amount does not exceed 10 percent of the ordinary resources of the budget, nor, in any case, the amount of six million of euros, including those of a multi-year nature when their duration does not exceed four years, provided that the accumulated amount of all their annuities does not exceed the percentage indicated, referring to the ordinary resources of the budget of the first year, nor the amount indicated.

The approval of projects of works and services when it is competent for contracting and are foreseen in the budget.

Likewise, the award of concessions on the assets of the same and the acquisition of real estate and rights subject to the patrimonial legislation is delegated when its value does not exceed 10% of the ordinary resources of the budget nor the amount of three million euros, as well as the alienation of the patrimony, when its value does not exceed the percentage nor the amounts indicated.

Management of Rights, Concessions and Authorizations on the Municipal Cemetery.


Administrative Police.

Municipal licenses regulated in sectoral regulations that result from application by remission of this and the modification or revocation of the same.

The resolution of claims of patrimonial responsibility of the Municipal Administration.

V. Others.

The approval of agreements or agreements with public and private entities and with individuals in all areas of action of the City Council, provided that the competition is not expressly attributed by the regulations to the Plenary of the Corporation.

Agreements regarding granting and requesting subsidies.

In accordance with the provisions of art.

115 c) of the ROF, it will also correspond to the Local Government Board the resolution of the Appeals for Reposition that may be filed against the agreements adopted in the exercise of the delegated powers previously expressed.

The resolutions adopted by the Local Government Board in relation to the delegated matters will have the same value as the resolutions dictated by the Mayor's Office in the exercise of the powers that it has not delegated, without prejudice to its adoption in accordance with the rules of operation of the Meeting.

Regardless of the powers delegated by this municipality may submit to the consideration of the Local Government Board as a deliberative body, advice and support to this mayor any matter of its competence that may be delegated and put to a vote.

THIRD.- To establish, by virtue of the provisions of article 112.3 ROF, that the Board will hold an ordinary session once a week (except in the month of August in which ordinary sessions will not be held) preferably on Thursdays at 7:00 pm: 00 hours, except the days in which it coincides with the celebration of the plenary session in which the hour will be advanced.

However, if the circumstances so advise, in the opinion of the Mayor, he may convene the ordinary session on a day other than the week and at the time he deems appropriate, always respecting the minimum periodicity established above and the legal rules on form and deadlines of the calls.

In particular, they will be criteria to be taken into account by the Mayor's Office for the convening of ordinary sessions for a day other than that established as a preferential one, the fact that such a day is a holiday, the convenience of a greater study of the matters that are expected to be dealt with, the urgency of the issues and any others that reasonably justify the decision.

In addition, the Board will hold extraordinary sessions and deliberative meetings when such a character is convened by its President.

FOURTH.- The Delegations of Competencies will be understood without prejudice to their possible special certification by the delegating body.

FIFTH.- The contents of this Resolution will be reported to the Plenary in the first session held.

SIXTH.- To personally notify the present resolution to the designated ones, which will be considered tacitly accepted, unless expressly stated;

and to remit the Resolution of appointment to the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia for its publication, also to publish the Resolution in the Portal of Transparency and in the bulletin board of the Town Hall, without prejudice of its effectiveness from the day following the signature of the Resolution by the Mayor.

Resolution of mayoral appointment of the deputy mayor, of the constitution of the governing board and of the mayoral delegations in the governing board, Foto 1

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