The Councilor for Personnel, Gertru R. Tudela, clarifies some nuances of the post published by Juan José Cánovas on the Framework Agreement


"EL" PUTO FEISBUK "IS NOT THE ONLY LIE (forgive the ugly word, but I was the one who made reference to that qualifier at the beginning of the term, when instead of speaking, some tried to solve and publish everything through this medium and, in addition, I feel the sheet that I am going to give, but for me it is necessary to clarify some nuances in relation to the comment of JUAN JOSÉ CÁNOVAS in this network):

- IU-GANAR TOTANA voted against a framework agreement that has the UNANIMITY of all the unions that represent the workers of the Totana City Council, for something it will be. Without a doubt, it improves the conditions of the workers, it can be improved, like everything in this life, but it is the culmination of a job well done and the dedication of the union delegates who have worked hard to make this agreement come to light.

- The PP voted in favor, although that was not their initial intention, as it was recognized by a PP councilor outside of "chambers", stating that he changed the vote in favor when he saw that IU voted against.

Everyone has their strategy that I will not question.

I know what my municipal group, the PSOE, defends, and that is a very positive framework agreement and one in which we have worked for a long time.

In fact, the workers have been 11 years without a framework agreement that the PP has been unable to develop, I think that the least responsibility they could do was to vote for it.

- According to Mr. Canovas, he says that yesterday there was a "secret meeting" of which he had not been informed.

Yes, it was very secret, since this meeting was attended by 9 city council technicians, the Secretary General, the human resources technician, and three councilors including myself.

He was not notified as he was not notified neither the mayor nor other councilors because the reason for the meeting was not his responsibility.

The reason was to look for alternatives for a situation that technicians demand in terms of the management of works and that could not be included in the framework agreement, as demanded by these, since it was not legal that this should be included in this document, counting with a technical report that endorsed it.

We are seeing alternatives as I stated in the plenary.

- Mr. Canovas says he voted against because it does not improve the quality of the services provided by the ayto, such as extending hours, streamlining procedures.

To see, a FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT that REGULATES THE CONDITIONS OF WORK OF MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES, is for that, to regulate their conditions (permits and licenses, training, promotion, sanctions ..etc), the other is an administrative and organic organization that is establishes in the list of jobs and that depends on each council and each councilor.

With so many years that he has been in politics, he is more than sure that he knows it, but now the important thing is to enter into "campaign mode" and muddy the work of this councilor, which I will not allow.

In every place where I have been, working or in recent years as a policy in the service of my city, I have acted responsibly and always fulfilled my obligations, and that is not going to question me or Mr. Juan José or anyone.

I will not consent to anything.

- As for the 35 hours per week (as they have in most municipalities) since the workers were those who suffered the implementation of the 37.5 hours with PP cuts, were implemented after many trips to his office because He did not agree, since he argued that if the work did not go out in the town hall as we were going to take more hours from the workers, accepting after several conversations and after the union delegates showed him some data.

- He says that the "council of personnel has spent € 20,000 in the study of a TPN that is now in the bin or nearby".

But how can you fall so low?

That contract was put out to tender by the PP on 06/15/2015 when the government was in office at the time, which I think could not be done, I think, as it did with other contracts on that date.

When we arrived at the government that was already adjudicated.

Whoever wants to check it, in my office I have it.

I found that when I arrived, as councilor of human resources I have been working side by side during these four years with the unions.

In terms of personnel there are many injustices in this town hall, such as 2 workers with the same position who perform the same functions and have a different complement of destination, so I could list many examples.

The RPT is FINISHED, hanging on the electronic administration platform that as councilor of this branch also worked to adapt to new challenges, documentation to which all unions have had and have access.

As I say, it is FINALIZED, in the absence of implementation because it is economically unfeasible according to the intervention department.

I think that no one forgets that we have an ayto with more than 100 million euros of debt, a budget conditioned by the Ministry of Finance, Adjustment Plans and the impossibility of increasing Chapter 1 of personnel, that does not need to be I said it to Mr. Canovas, because it seems that sometimes it is his reading every night before going to sleep, and sometimes it is obvious to justify his position.

- It says "that only two people have been called to ratify what has been seen".

I repeat, the framework agreement has the unanimity of the four unions.

This week we will proceed to your signature.

It was necessary, the one that was in 2005 and had undergone many modifications. With the current one we have a single document, updated in terms of regulations and jurisprudence, a chapter on equality has been included, paternity permits have been updated, including a section on labor harassment, the horizontal career, and receiving aid based on budget availability with the creation of a Commission formed by workers and city council that will decide where the money available is allocated.

I believe that this is responsibility taking into account the debt discussed above.

- The agreement was approved in the last plenary session because the human resources department was left without a human resources technician and until the position in commission of services has been filled, it has not been possible to finalize this document that had to have this technical report to take it to full.

What difference would there have been between taking it to the January or February plenary and taking it in April?

But you have to justify the unjustifiable.

-I believe and I have a very calm conscience of having done what I had to do, acting responsibly from my position always.

I do not want to wear medals, I leave that to others, I'm not interested, my time in public policy comes at the end of their days with pride to belong to my party and defend values ​​such as equality and social justice.

I have been going to my office every day even without being released as if it were a job, because that is how I understand it.

My two fundamental objectives were the TPN and the FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT, at the beginning of the legislature.

These issues, just because of ignorance and for other reasons that I will not enter, can be assumed of rapid execution, but they are very complex issues that must be dealt with the day to day of the council.

We have a town hall that has a workforce of 250 workers, hiring has increased in these years, some based on grants and others, in order to improve the services provided by the ayto and it is very difficult to respond to the needs individual of each, the framework agreement improves the general conditions of all of them, there are other particulars that must be worked on and implemented in the TPN.

In four years does not give time to all this, at least another 4 are needed to complete that work, even the most painted politician knows.

I leave with the satisfaction of having done my job honestly together with my four colleagues, Carlos, Ana, Victor and Isa and with the responsibility from which they have to work and that has always transmitted to us, Andrés. "

The Councilor for Personnel, Gertru R. Tudela, clarifies some nuances of the post published by Juan José Cánovas on the Framework Agreement, Foto 1

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