Police surveillance will be increased in the rural areas of the high districts of the municipality of Totana after the last wave of robberies


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The mayor of Totana, Andrés García, announced today, before the media, that police vigilance will be immediately increased in the rural areas of the high districts of the municipality as a result of the latest wave of robberies, in such a way that the Security Forces and Forces will increase their coordinated work to avoid the registered criminal acts.

The councilman met yesterday, as a matter of urgency, with the new Government delegate in Murcia, Francisco Jiménez, who moved the neighborhood concern after the criminal events that occurred last weekend in four homes in this area of ​​Totana;

and that had generated some social alarm.

The mayor explained that the events apparently correspond to itinerant organized bands that roam different areas of geography, and that just happened a little over a month ago, focus their crimes in specific areas and then leave the territory.

A collation of the events of more than a month ago, the mayor announced that the perpetrators of the robberies in the urbanization "La Charca" and "Residencial Espuña" were arrested days after initiating investigations in the province of Alicante;

so he asked for caution and that political demagogy should not be done with citizen security cases unnecessarily.

He reiterated that these are organized groups that are passing through, as happened in the robberies that took place in "La Charca" and "Residencial Espuña", at which time they were in zone 14 belonging to the USECIA, Guardia Civil and Local police.

Andrés García stressed that work is being done in this regard, along with Civil Guard and Local Police, to whom he thanked his work and effort;

At the same time, he reiterated that all the necessary measures are being put in place to guarantee the security of the neighbors.

He said that the delegate of the Government has been "very receptive and sensitive" to the situation;

and stated that the Civil Guard Command is in communication, through the command post of Totana and the local police commanders, to address these events from a preventive point of view.

Likewise, he indicated that, at present, all the vacancies of the staff of the Guardia Civil de Totana are covered and there are more Local Police officers on the street than ever, given that in most services there are six agents.

Finally, he explained that Totana is below the regional average in terms of crime statistics and sent a message of tranquility to the public after the last events because the Security Forces and Corps are doing their work professionally and discreetly.

Precisely, the mayor held a working meeting to coordinate with the Councilor for Citizen Security, Agustín Gonzalo Martínez, and the police commands the agreements established at the meeting yesterday in the Government Delegation.

Police surveillance will be increased in the rural areas of the high districts of the municipality of Totana after the last wave of robberies, Foto 1

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