2nd national: Dama de Elche Óptica Look 4 - 2 C Totana TM


Weekend results Club Totana TM

The bad news of the weekend came Sunday in Elche.

After the victory of the team of San Javier in Mazarrn the day before, the totaneros had the obligation to win to avoid the relegation, but the team of Elche, third in the standings, was a hard nut to crack and needed the victory to access to the promotion phase.

For the totaneros they played Vicente Carreo, Domingo Mndez and Gabriel Snchez, while for the ilicitanos they did the Brazilian Eduardo Britto de Marcos, Ivn Martn and Vctor Manuel Gamboa.

The match began with an important match, but Vicente Carreo failed to score against the young Ivan Martin, who managed to always take the final points of each game.

The encounter was put uphill then, when the rival base, the Brazilian Britto, managed to prevail against the veteran Domingo, 3-0.

In the third match the totaneros added: Gabriel made a good game and won 3-1 to Gamboa.

But the locals returned to increase the advantage with the victory of Eduardo Britto 3-0 on Vicente.

In the next game the totaneros had the obligation to win to avoid defeat and relegation, but Gabriel could not against Ivan Martin, who won 3-0 again taking advantage of the last points of each set.

With the 4-1 on the scoreboard, Domingo added for the totaneros to beat Gamboa 3-1, leaving the final 4-2.

With this defeat the team finishes in the 9th position of the table and will have to wait for the places and resignations to see if the next season will be in the 2nd National.


The other team of the Totana TM Club, the Totana Promesas, was also defeated in this group 9 of the 2nd National League, although in a match in which neither team had anything at stake, which was not an obstacle for a disputed and exciting encounter will be observed.

The alcoyanos, who lined up Cristobal Oller, Ral Sanjuan and Pablo Prats, gave the surprise to the totaneros Pedro Miguel Ruz and Santiago and Domingo Mndez.

The match began Pedro Miguel beating in an even match against Raul Sanjuan, who managed to prevail in the fifth game.

The same luck ran Santiago, who gave in the advantages of the fifth game against veteran Oller, wasting four match balls.

With 2-0 on the scoreboard, Domingo added the first point for the totaneros, defeating, also in the fifth game, Pablo Prats.

Later, Oller returned to develop a good game this time against Pedro Miguel, who fell by 3-0, but giving two of the games in the advantages, which gives an idea of ​​the equality of the game.

Domingo had the obligation to win to stay alive in the match, but Ral Sanjuan added for his team to win 3-1 with a final 12-10.

With 4-1 on the scoreboard, Santiago beat Pablo Prats 3-0 and made up the final result.


The last league match of the Totana Promesas will be played in Totana next Saturday, the 13th at 5:00 pm, in which it will face the first classified, the CTT Altea, who will come with the obligation to win to obtain the league title and the direct classification for the league of 1st National.

The totaneros whatever happens will end the league in 5th position, but they will try to make things difficult for the Alterans.


Good match of the third team of the club, which managed to beat the UCAM Cartagena team, with whom the girls Irene Gmez, Mara Ruz and Andrea Marn played.

For our team, Mariano Tudela, Julin Cern and Pepe Carreo played.

The match began Mariano Tudela winning the first two games against Andrea Marn, and although the Cartagena managed to match, in the fifth game again Mariano, more safe and offensive, managed to take the victory.

Then Pepe signed a good game and managed to beat the defensive Irene Gomez, 3-1.

In the third match Julin Cern also added, by beating Mara Ruz, also 3-1.

Mariano Tudela certified the totanera victory in the next match, winning in another 3-1 to Irene Gmez.

Mariano returned to add his two points, confirming his great league season.

With the 4-0 came the away victory, as Andrea Marn managed to take three scores scored by the minimum against Julian Cern.

In the last game, Pepe Carreo beat Mara Ruz 3-0, leaving the overall score in the final 5-1.


The next day will also be the last of the season for Totana B, who will have to travel on Saturday the 13th at 5pm to El Palmar to face the Ágora El Palmar Restaurant.

To win, the totaneros would certify a deserved third place in the standings that would honor the good season of a team in which many totaneros have taken part.

2nd national: Dama de Elche Óptica Look 4 - 2 C Totana TM, Foto 1
2nd national: Dama de Elche Óptica Look 4 - 2 C Totana TM, Foto 2

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