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CTM Ilicitano 6 - 0 Club Totana TM] | Weekend results Club Totana TM |

Big defeat of Totana TM against one of the two teams that fight for the leadership of the group.

The ilicitanos, who played with José Emmanuel Rosas, Iván David Pérez and Higinio González, beat the totaneros, who lined up Gabriel Sánchez, Domingo Méndez and Alejandro López.

The match began Alejandro facing the Venezuelan local team, Emmanuel, who beat him 3-0.

Then went to the table Gabriel, to measure against Malenron Higinio.

Gabriel was irregular and although he won the second game clearly, he gave in on the remaining three.

With 2-0 for the locals, Domingo faced Ivan Perez, who showed why he is one of the best players in the group and won 3-0.

To seal the local victory, José Emmanuel won 3-1 against a Gabriel who played better, solid in his blocks, and who managed to face the Venezuelan, although it was not enough to win.

In the fifth match, Iván Pérez beat Alejandro 3-0, who presented battle in the first game.

Finally, the most even match of the afternoon was led by Higinio and Domingo.

With all the games resolved by the minimum advantage, Higinio managed to win 3-1 to totanero.



Victory of the other team of the club in this group 8 of 2nd National in San Javier.

They played for the totaneros Pedro Miguel Ruíz and the brothers Julián and Santiago Méndez.

For the locals, Francisco Javier Villaescusa, Antonio Marín and Jonathan Mercader did.

The match started badly for ours as Pedro Miguel Ruíz gave up 3-2 to Jonathan, in an even game that was put in his face in the fourth game.

Later, Julian managed to equalize the match by winning another 3-2 against Francisco Javier Villaescusa.

In the third match, Santiago was recomposed after giving the first game before the defensive Antonio Marín, to win clearly in the following three with good game, putting the totaneros ahead 1-2.

Now it was Julian's turn to face Jonathan.

The place was 2-0 up, but Julian, more aggressive, managed to equal 2. In the last game again good points from both players, but in the end it was Jonathan who took the cat to the water.

In the next match, Pedro Miguel was very solid against Antonio Marín, returning the advantage to the totaneros in the general scoreboard, so that Santiago, also with good game and with a lot of security, sealed the victory by prevailing in another 3- 0 before Francisco Javier.



Adjusted home victory of the third team of the club, which places him in the third position of the table.

The Murcians lined up Sixto Paniagua, Alex Smirnov and José Francisco García, while the totaneros played Pepe Carreño and the brothers Mariano and Agustín Tudela.

The match started for the locals, because although Pepe managed to start the first game to Sixto, the Murcian rallied to win 3-1.

Mariano put the first point for the totanero team by beating Alex Smirnov clearly, 3-0.

He now went to the table Agustín, but did not play comfortable against José Francisco, who prevailed 3-0.

With 2-1 for the locals, it was the turn of the two best players of both teams today, Mariano and Sixto.

Equal and exciting match that finally fell on the visitors side thanks to the good points of Mariano, who rallied a 2-1 to end up winning in the fifth game by 13-11.

In the fifth game, Pepe put the totaneros ahead for the first time by beating the veteran Jose Francisco.

Then Alex Smirnov managed to take the match to doubles by winning the totanero Agustin, who, after so long without playing, today's games have to serve to return to pick up pace and gain experience in front of other styles of play.

In the doubles, the totaneros Mariano and Pepe were superior and with a lot of security in their attacks managed to prevail by 3-0 against Murcia Sixto and Smirnov, placing the overall score in the final 3-4, and consolidating the team of Totana B in the third position in the league.


The next weekend of the days 2 and 3 of March, the four teams of the club will dispute their meetings in Totana, which will be a great venue for table tennis.

In 2nd National, next Saturday, March 2, the team of Totana Promises will have a difficult game against the CTM Mazarrón, who is on a roll and motivated to get away from the descent, while the totaneros will need the victory to stay alive in the fight for the promotion phase to 1st National.

The meeting will be held on Saturday 2 at 5pm at the Manolo Ibáñez Pavilion.

On the other hand, the Totana TM team, also of the 2nd National, will receive the visit of the IES Sª of Carrascoy El Palmar on the morning of Sunday 3.

A victory would be key for the totaneros get the permanence, against one of the teams at the top of the classification.

In 3rd National, the Totana B will have a complicated match against the team of Patiño, on Saturday 2 from 5 pm, also at home.

In the category of First Regional Division will be held in Totana, in the Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez, the fourth concentration, in which the team of the school of the club will be measured at 9 o'clock in front of the team of the ATM club school La Nave A and continuation in front of the school team of El Palmar.

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