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Carrillo will ask in plenary if Totana has to burn so that the fire system is 100% operational


Independent Councilman D. Juan C. Carrillo will ask in the plenary session of January to Mr. Mayor if Totana has to burn so that the fire system of this city is 100% operational

I know will raise to the Municipal Plenary of January from the councils of Environment, Civil Protection and Public Safety of the City of Totana a joint motion in which they will ask the Ministry of Environment for support in locating, signaling and sealing the wells of our municipality.

"The task of locating and sealing open wells in the different places of the municipality is an urgent necessity," they say.

It seems that in the wake of the unfortunate accident that the child of the population of Malaga has suffered Totalán and have been trying to get out of the well, we hope that alive.

We have remembered the wells that may have been uncovered in our municipality.

"When the beards of your neighbor see shaving, put yours to soak," saying that when you see that something happens around you, the same thing can happen and you must be prepared to try to avoid it.

As a result of the fire of the local company MOYCA last April of 2018 this Councilor tried to put to soak the beards of the local government by the precarious state of the fire system of the municipality.

For this purpose and before the alleged non-existence of documentation, I take a walk around the municipality, calculating between 40% and 60% of the fire hydrants that are inoperative or simply stolen.

At the end of last April of 2018, I registered a motion asking for explanations.

Said motion was not considered as such by the Municipal Secretary alleging that being a direct competition of our Mayor, it was considered then that it was a RUEGO.

The Town Hall Plenary has among other functions: "The control and oversight of the governing bodies."

Control is: "1. m Verification, inspection, inspection, intervention, domain, command, preponderance."

That is, the Municipal Corporation we have to exercise up to a certain domain, command and preponderance in local affairs to be public political office (the legislative) before a decision of the Mayor (the executive) that does not comply with law or does not comply with your obligations.

That CONTROL to power the only effective and legal way to do it is by raising motions to the plenary to report an event and propose something, discuss it and put it to a vote to then comply with what was agreed upon by the Government.

Example, the case of full compliance with the law of transparency and good governance and what happened after two years and two motions of this Councilman approved by absolute majority, is still not fulfilled.

For today, the opposition can not bring to plenary matters that directly affect the residents of Totana and are the direct responsibility of Mr. Mayor but can "beg" him to do his job.

Mr. Mayor tells me that I lie publicly about it.

If so, just before May, I will take you back to the fire hydrants to discuss it again.

Since my plea of ​​April of last year, Mr. Mayor has not fulfilled his obligation nor with the commitment acquired with this Councilman.

About the question I asked in September and I was answered in November in breach of our own Rules of Procedure.

I was told that "they are seeing a company that carries out the repairs" but I am not told what the company is and do not believe that I am being "foolish", I am literally told to face it five times in a row when I finish that Plenary.

I'm still waiting for apologies from Councilwoman Marras.

To date of the date, I am waiting for a response from Mr. Mayor about another document that I registered almost a month ago, asking about who is the mysterious company.

I suppose you will have more important things to attend to and you have not had time to answer me yet.

For this of the wells now if there is time and means but once again of many, we find that different councils, the same government that has the obligation to control this of the wells within the municipality and does not need a motion to work on the matter , wants to raise a motion for others to do what they do not do or to guide them in their work.

With the consequent loss of more time, money and means for the next Plenary session and request the Department of the Environment for support in locating, signaling and sealing open wells or reservoirs.

Why is not someone from the City Council coming to Murcia and they bring the information or send them an email and save time and gasoline and thus collaborate with the defense of the environment ?.

Looking for information about the competences in this matter, I find this press article of July 2017 about an illegal well that is reported by the neighbors of another municipality;

"The mayor, Juan Jesús Moreno, has confirmed to 'La Verdad' that he has" made known "the Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura (CHS) this action because" it does not have a municipal works license for its realization ... "" In the case of having been granted a permit, "from the City will proceed to the paralization, opening the sanctioning discipline of urban discipline for works without municipal license."

At the municipal level I think the first action should be to collect the corresponding building permits that have been requested to this City Council to conduct legal surveys, locate them and check if they are covered, for that you do not need to assemble "The Sixth Night" in the Municipal Plenary .

The illegal wells almost nobody knows but they have been denounced and the only way to locate them would be that beaten to the municipality and the Sierra that they want to do and ask the neighbors.

If there is a lack of municipal personnel to mobilize, they could pull the armed forces if necessary in the face of the "imperative need" to do this already.

Mr. Mayor, I have not asked for so much waste of land and air resources for almost a year.

Look, in less than two months allegedly, in our city have been caused two fires in the doors of our neighbors' houses, in some containers and even a private vehicle reached and the reason is unknown or they do not say or do not want.

No one has publicly informed the neighbors how the investigation is progressing for their peace of mind.

It seems that the prevention of fires is not something of "urgent need" in the agenda of the local government or that the work done in Civil Protection in this respect is respected, but now I want to "mobilize" to find and plug holes.

I think the initiative is perfect, the criticism is not going there, I do not know anyone wrong about it but it is that until the misfortune of the child of Total, no one remembered in Totana of the wells that could be if sealed.

Should we also wait for Totana to burn on all four sides to meet my demand, Mr. Mayor? Do I have to go to a national TV so that this is something of "imperative necessity" for you or simply? spend "Olympian of this Councilman ?.

Because I see that the problem is not about money as they argued.

Neither media nor municipal staff as to find holes to cover seems that if all of that.

An ardent greeting.

The Independent Councilor

D. Juan C. Carrillo Ruiz.

Carrillo will ask in plenary if Totana has to burn so that the fire system is 100% operational, Foto 1

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