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2nd national: Murcia Deicomur 4 - Totana TM 2


Weekend results.

Club Totana TM |

Defeat of Totana TM in Murcia in a very even match and fought by the two teams in which the totaneros took initial advantage but who escaped with 3 final points of 3-2 for the Murcia.

Pepe Gallego began for the locals, who was overtaken by Vicente Carreño with a 0-3 misleading because of the bulging of a game that took the totanero with always very tight sets.

José Luís Reverte went 2-1 with Domingo but our veteran reacted and raised the bar to take 2-3 the first fifth game of the 4 that were played in this match.

David del Olmo got the first point for his team.

Andrés D. Ros only managed to push in the second game but he lacked regularity.

The next point was one of the keys of the meeting.

Reverte came out aggressive and sure surprising Vicente who was putting the encounter uphill.

With 2-0 reacted the totanero.

He raised the bar by attacking more and better.

He equaled 2 and took advantage in the fifth game.

It seemed that the point would fall on his side but a final reaction from the Murcia gave him the victory in the advantages of the fifth game.

It was then the match in 2-2 and it was the turn of Pepe Gallego with Andres.

Match with ups and downs of the two players and again maximum equality and fifth game that took the Murcia with what was the match in 3-2.

Opportunity for the Murcia to close the match and for the totaneros to force the doubles.

Again maximum equality in all games.

Domingo took advantage 0-2 but Del Olmo reacted that equaled 2 and then scored the fifth game with what Murcia Deicomur won 4-2.


Final defeat of the totaneros who put everything on the table like the Murcia.

When you lose this way you only have to congratulate the opponent and prepare for the next match that will be at home, in the Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez next Sunday 27 at 10.30 am against the HUNTEC ALBACETE team that is the bottom of the standings.

Obligation to win the totanero team to avoid getting into problems in the classification.

For its part, the Totana Promises next weekend has an important meeting to continue aspiring to the promotion phase.

He will face next Saturday 26th at 5:00 pm the DAME DE ELCHE in the Manolo Ibáñez de Totana Pavilion.


Defeat also of Totana B that was presented in Lorca with Pedro J. Sánchez, Abraham López and Julián Cerón.

José Moreno and Abraham started the match with a good game.

Good points for the two players and final victory for Lorca 3-1.

Well Abraham, who was always close to surprise, but finally did not succeed.

Then they faced Manolo Sánchez with Pedro J. Sánchez.

Our player took advantage but then he did not know how to finish the job and he let himself be surprised what put Lorca's team in a franchise that were 2-0.

The 3-0 was achieved by Mateo Martínez on Julián Cerón who did not put up much resistance to the good player of Lorca.

After José Moreno surpassed Pedro José Sánchez.

More secure and regular Lorca left and victory for his team.

Mateo Martinez again got his second point with clear advantage over Abraham.

Finally match between Manolo Sánchez and Julián Cerón with a final victory for Totana in the fifth game with what earned the only point of his team.


The totanero team of 3ª Nacional has its next match also at home on Saturday 26 at 5 pm against TM Cartagena.

In addition, the team of 1st autonomous School Club Totana will play the 2nd day of concentration of the 1st regional on Saturday 26 at the premises of La Nave Puente Bacons where will face the team of Mazarrón Promesas at 11 o'clock.

2nd national: Murcia Deicomur 4 - Totana TM 2, Foto 1
2nd national: Murcia Deicomur 4 - Totana TM 2, Foto 2
2nd national: Murcia Deicomur 4 - Totana TM 2, Foto 3

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