The local police detain a total of five people for different crimes during the Christmas and Reyes festivities


Agents of the Local Police of Totana have arrested a total of five people for various crimes during the Christmas and Kings, from December 22 to January 8, respectively, according to sources from the Headquarters.

Three detainees were for driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcoholic beverages and exceeding the allowed rates, one detainee for a crime against road safety and another for an attack against agents of the authority and the last for breach of sentence (restraining order) .

The first was observed on December 25, at 8:00 am, on Juan Carlos I Avenue, at the height of the Glorieta del Donante de Sangre, driving irregularly.

When the vehicle stopped, it was observed that the driver gave off a strong smell of alcohol and babbled when speaking, so he was subjected to the appropriate tests giving a result of 0.90 mg / liter.

The second was driving a vehicle last December 27, and was observed crossing a continuous line on Juan Carlos I Avenue;

Therefore, the vehicle was checked, observing the driver who showed signs of being under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

After performing the appropriate tests, he gave a result of 0.77 mg / liter, which is why he was arrested and brought to justice.

The third was arrested at dawn on December 31 and was a driver who ignored, at first, the signals of the agents, watching the power to stop the vehicle that was driving with symptoms of having consumed alcoholic beverages.

The arrest of the person who committed the crime against road safety and another of assault against agents of the authority occurred on December 22.

The events took place after 8:00 pm when a driver who was driving on the N-340 road at the Totana campsite alerted the room on 092 that a man was there throwing stones and other dangerous objects at the site. the vehicles that circulated there.

The agents went, urgently to the place, observing the remains of crystals, stones, even iron bars in the road and a man in the middle of the road who received them by throwing a large stone that could dodge.

Finally, they managed to reduce him, although he offered enough resistance, and proceeded to arrest him as the alleged perpetrator of an offense against road safety for causing a serious risk to the circulation as well as attacking the agents of the authority.

Likewise, on the night of January 6, patrol officers were alerted by the "092" room that a call had been received informing that two men had been observed at the door of a local catering establishment struggling with a woman.

The police officers appeared, in an emergency, at the scene and were able to identify all those involved, one of them being a couple of the woman, of whom he had a restraining order in force, which is why he was arrested by an alleged offense of breach of sentence, and placed at the disposal of the Civil Guard of the Totana post.

In addition to those detained for crimes against road safety, it has also been reported administratively to the General Circulation Regulations to seven drivers who exceeded the permitted rate of blood alcohol driving motor vehicles (from 500 to 1,000 euros of financial penalty, and between 4 to 6 points of deduction).

Accidents and other events

In the same way, the Local Police has carried out proceedings in a total of eight traffic accidents in which agents of this Corps have intervened, one of them with two minor injuries, as a result of an accident that took place in General Aznar Street. this locality

An injured driver was also assisted in the underground passage of Avenida Juan Carlos I as a result of an exit from the road caused by dizziness during driving, causing the accident damage to a traffic signal, and in the vehicle, considered mild.

In the same way, during these dates, it was possible to identify several drivers who had fled, after being involved in a traffic accident.

The first of them, after colliding with another parked vehicle that caused damage.

After an exhaustive investigation it was possible to locate the escaped vehicle, whose driver has been reported for a serious fault of the General Regulations of Circulation, for running away and not providing the data being involved in a traffic accident.

In addition, on the night of December 29, it was observed that a vehicle had struck a guardrail next to a pedestrian crossing of the urban area;

and after making different visits to workshops in the area and with the remains of the vehicle that had left after the accident, it was possible to locate the van that had produced it.

From the Local Police of Totana, we want to thank the citizen collaboration, which is fundamental in cases like these, because thanks to the first information provided by the eyewitnesses of the events, it is possible in most cases to obtain a positive result in the investigation.

That is why, for a quick and effective police intervention in the location of these fugitive vehicles, it is recommended to all those people who witness a road accident in which any of those involved leave the site without providing identification, collect the largest as much data as possible, such as license plate, make, model and color of the vehicle, address taken after flight or description of the driver, even if it is possible, take pictures of the license plate or vehicle.

Reckless driving and stabbing

In relation to reckless driving, during the afternoon of December 22, local police officers, after being alerted by a neighbor that a vehicle performed reckless maneuvers through the streets of the hamlet of El Paretón, managed to locate and identify the driver, who, after acknowledging the facts, was finally denounced for driving a tourist-type vehicle with a moped driving license, which will mean a penalty of 500 euros and the deduction of 4 points from his driving license.

Finally, in the early hours of January 1, New Year's Eve, local police officers were alerted of a fight in a central square of the town, which ended with the stabbing of one of those involved, who was transferred seriously to the University Hospital "Virgin of the Arrixaca" of Murcia.

The Civil Guard of the post of Totana continued with the appropriate investigations.

The local police detain a total of five people for different crimes during the Christmas and Reyes festivities, Foto 1
The local police detain a total of five people for different crimes during the Christmas and Reyes festivities, Foto 2
The local police detain a total of five people for different crimes during the Christmas and Reyes festivities, Foto 3

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