The Municipal People's Group raises four motions to the Plenary tonight


Among which stands out the request for improvements in the transport sector

The rest of motions are focused on requesting from different estates, among others, a study for the modification of the signaling of pedestrian crossings according to their location, danger etc.

Raising the realization of a tribute to the Civil Guard for the 175th anniversary of the body and the start-up of the pharmacy at home

The Popular Municipal Group raises this night in the plenary session of the corporation the request to the National Government of the approval of a bonus of the tolls for professional drivers, who have safe rest areas so that they can make their obligatory stops without risk to They will not even use their merchandise and the rectification of the new diesel tax will contribute to further stifling a sector that already has a very high tax rate.

The Government of Pedro Sánchez, in its fundraising effort, has forced transporters in the Region to use toll roads from Valencia.

The measure, beyond manifesting a clear intention to obtain income to meet the payments owed to nationalists and populists, is a grievance to a sector and professionals who seem to be in the sights of the Socialist Executive.

We can not remain with our arms down before what is undoubtedly a serious attack on a sector with a very important weight in the economy of the Region and our municipality.

Another point to deal with will be pedestrian crossings, taking into account the danger involved in crossing at times by one of them, we will propose that a study be carried out for the elaboration of a common norm or a modification of the current one (encompassed in the General Traffic Regulations), which establishes the different types of pedestrian steps in relation to their danger and their various forms of signaling and consequently, whether they should have a different signaling according to its peculiarities;

location, danger of the road, proximity to a school, frequency of vehicle passage ...

The Popular Group will propose that taking into account that March 28, 2019, marks the 175th Anniversary of the creation of the Civil Guard, we want to pay homage to one of the most valued Institutions of our Country, characterized by its efficiency in effectively protecting to people and their properties;

and that in the words of its founder the Duke of Ahumada has the premise: "the essential thing is that the Civil Guard serve Spain and the Spaniards regardless of the political form that the country would like to adopt."

It is intended with the motion that the Government of Spain, approve this proposal and that the Region of Murcia be the scene of the commemorative events to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the creation of the Civil Guard.

Lastly and taking into account that in Spain there are almost 3 million people with a recognized disability situation and of them, more than 500,000 are over 80 years old, we propose that the Regional Government conduct a study for the possibility of gradually establishing pharmaceutical care domiciliary to elderly dependents or patients in a situation of vulnerability in order to monitor treatment, in coordination with other professionals in the field of health.

Our health system faces the longevity of users, the chronicity of their illnesses and dependence;

This brings us to long-term citizens and follow-up of these situations through the primary care medical network.

In these circumstances we must move towards an integrating model of care organization, based on cooperation between health professionals and social structures.

With this premise it is necessary that pharmacy professionals are considered strategic allies to assist elderly patients in their usual environment, that is, in their homes, being considered a fundamental support to respond to the increase in demand for services for long-term citizens. duration.

It has been found that with the intervention of pharmacists in the follow-up of the polymedicated elderly patients, visits to the emergency room and hospitalizations are reduced by up to 50%, which speaks volumes about the benefits of pharmaceutical care for serious and chronic patients.

The Municipal People's Group raises four motions to the Plenary tonight, Foto 1

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