The PP will ask in plenary the impossibility that pro-independence political parties present themselves to the elections


The Popular Municipal Group raised tonight in the plenary session of the corporation the impossibility of pro-independence political parties to stand for election.

Pedro Sanchez has reached the presidency of the Government of Spain through a motion of censure that has needed to prosper the support of pro-independence parties whose presence in the Congress of Deputies only seeks to break the Nation and crack the State.

We are talking about parties like Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, Bildu and PdeCAT whose leaders question the Spanish State every day, try to delegitimize popular sovereignty and promote campaigns to discredit our democracy.

These parties, declared openly unconstitutional, have given their vote to invest Pedro Sánchez as president of the country and have not done so for free.

The Spaniards have already begun to see the price that we are going to have to pay for Pedro Sánchez to remain in the Moncloa palace, where he arrived by the back door.

It is an absolute paradox, that a party like the PSOE, defender of the Spanish Constitution has used the support of those who want to break Spain to gain political power.

It is not compatible to be a constitutionalist and to rely, at the same time, on the support of those who question the validity of our Magna Carta in order to sustain itself in the government.

And more paradoxical is that the representatives of the rupturist parties make use of the institutions of our country, where national sovereignty resides, to try to dismember Spain.

The Spanish Constitution is the element of unity that during the 40 years of democracy have held gathered around some principles, rights and duties to all Spaniards.

It has been the instrument that has allowed us to advance and progress as a country, with respect for the idiosyncrasies of each people and the autonomy of the regions, but under the same umbrella that has given us the longest period of peace, well-being and coexistence of our history.

According to its article 2, the Spanish Constitution "is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards, and recognizes and guarantees the right to autonomy of the nationalists and regions that integrate it and solidarity between all of them. "

Meanwhile, Article 6 establishes that "political parties express political pluralism, participate in the formation and manifestation of the popular will and are a fundamental instrument for political participation." Its creation and the exercise of its activity are free, respecting the Constitution and the Law. Its internal structure and functioning must be democratic. "

In European countries of our environment such as Germany, France and Portugal, their supreme laws reflect that political parties must respect national unity and sovereignty.

In Europe, those parties whose purpose is to break the unity of the states and the principles of national sovereignty do not have a place in the framework of democracy.

Spain is in this area an exception because the place in the democratic institutions and in the legislative chambers, where the sovereignty of the Spanish people resides, to representatives of political parties whose purpose is to break the unity of the country and provoke independence and rupture with respect to the Spanish state of certain territories.

Therefore the Municipal People's Group will raise tonight in the Plenary, that the City of Totana, urge the Government of the Nation to promote legal reforms and necessary to prevent the participation in national, regional and municipal elections to political parties whose end is to break the unity of our country and its territorial integrity.

The PP will ask in plenary the impossibility that pro-independence political parties present themselves to the elections, Foto 1

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