The PP denounces that "another plenary is subject to our motions to the censure of Mr. Mayor"


The Mayor returns to "boycott" another motion presented by the Municipal People's Group for this Plenary, through which we intended that from the Councilors of the City Council maximum information was given to the neighbors on the Housing Plan 2018-2021

Another month the PP is seen by the Mayor without his boldness to censor our work as opposition, not giving process to all those motions that bother him or that the PP we consider should be addressed in plenary to improve the quality of life of the residents of Totana.

The Popular Municipal Group presented, to debate in this month's plenary session, request that the Government Team promote the applications to the CARM for the Housing Plan 2018-2021 grants and carry out an important information campaign of the same. .

From the PP we urged the Government Team to carry out serious work before the imminent call for aid collected within the Housing Plan 2018-2021 during the celebration of the next plenary session.

Requesting that the Councilors involved in urban planning, works, housing, social services, etc., to give maximum information to neighbors and promote applications to the CARM so that the Totaneros are beneficiaries of the Housing Plan 2018- 2021

The new Housing Plan 2018-2021 was approved by the previous Government of Spain through RD 106/2018, of March 9, as a congruent Plan that advances and insists on changing the model of housing policy by guiding the goals and specifying the resources available in the social sectors most in need.

Last July was signed the Agreement between the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia and the Ministry of Development for the implementation of the Housing Plan 2018-2021, endowed with about 80 million euros.

Within the annuity 2018 this Housing Plan offers 9 action programs endowed with more than 17 million euros, these aids will be convened shortly, and its main lines of action are the following:

Housing assistance program and aids program for young people to rent or buy a home.

Program for the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability in housing and a program to promote conservation, improve the safety of use and accessibility in housing.

Program for the promotion of the housing park for rent and the promotion of housing for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Program to promote urban and rural regeneration and renewal.

We return to see how Mr. Mayor, as we mentioned a few days ago, has resorted to his used "dictatorial" way to eliminate uncomfortable motions presented by opposition groups.

We intend from the Popular Party that the residents of Totana have the maximum information from the City Council, and specifically, from the Councils involved to the aid intended for: housing rental, youth assistance for rent or purchase of housing, for the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability in housing and aid for conservation, improvement of the security of use and accessibility in housing, for the construction or rehabilitation of housing for rental, or housing for seniors and people with disability, in addition, of the aid destined to the program of regeneration and urban and rural renewal and, they proceed to declare the area of ‚Äč‚Äčregeneration and urban renewal where to act, bearing in mind that this Plan also contemplates the rural areas.

It is necessary that we politicians who promote and inform the neighbors of the help they can get and the procedures to be carried out so that the money allocated for the programs to be developed is used to the maximum both by the neighbors and by their own City Hall and not to be late, but it seems that the Mayor does not give importance to these proposals and then and will not put his councilors to work so that the residents of Totana receive the maximum possible information and get the aid offered.

From the Popular Party we believe that the Government Team has to start the work of information and support to the neighbors so that they are beneficiaries of the same, since if they wait at the last moment it will happen like last year, without going any further, than They arrived late to aid such as, for example, regeneration and renovation of urban spaces.

The PP denounces that "another plenary is subject to our motions to the censure of Mr. Mayor", Foto 1

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