The PP denounces that the mayor and his left-wing partner team "cheat" the Ministry of Finance


"by spending close to 4 million euros more on operating expenses"

The Ministry of Finance, reprimands the Mayor and the Councilor of Finance for breaching the Adjustment Plan again and not meet the requirements of the 2017 Budget

The report "hidden in the drawer" by the Mayor draws the colors to the Government Team for not taking measures to contain expenditure

The Popular Party denounces that Mayor Andrés García and his armchair partner "cheat" the Ministry of Finance by spending about 4 million euros more on operating expenses.

The Ministry of Finance and Public Administration reprimands the Mayor and the Councilor of Finance for breaching again the adjustment plan that was approved with the largest tax increase to totaneros and not apply the conditions required by the Ministry in the 2017 Budget.

Totana City Council received a few weeks ago a valuation report that analyzes the degree of compliance with said adjustment plan where it shows that the Government Team of the Left Pact, not only has not taken measures to contain expenditure, but rather it has increased by almost 4 million euros.

The only budget prepared by this government was approved after a conditional report from the Ministry of Finance and has also been a reason for recrimination in the last notification since the requirements imposed by it have not been met.

Andrés García, alderman of this City Council, leaves again "hidden in the drawer" the report that brings out the colors of mismanagement that are being made by councilors, the vast majority on the payroll, since the adjustment plan has only applied the brutal tax hike to totaneros.

The PP claims that the mayor has left all the commitments made with the Ministry in the Adjustment Plan of his predecessor that forced to take measures to also lower the expenses as promised to vote in favor and in addition so stressed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations.

The Municipal People's Party already explained at the time and later publicly reiterated that it was not going to give its support to an adjustment plan that would include raising taxes and that is why the PP voted against it.

The Popular Municipal Group approved three adjustment plans in the previous legislature without raising taxes, focused on reducing expenses, "tightening the belt" like any company or family, something that these Mayors of shared chairs do not know how to do.

From the PP we lowered the expenses around 7 million euros in the first year and a half of the term, being the income of treasury of the City Council in 2011 about 16 million, a situation much more difficult than the current one, which was faced with institutional loyalty by applying unpopular but necessary measures.

This team of Left has shown throughout these almost 4 years of legislature that has no initiatives or roadmap of its own, is unable to manage and work for the general interest of neighbors, throwing in the towel at the first change and taking the easiest way is to raise taxes or blame the PP for everything.

The serious conflicts of interests between "partners" are still paralyzed the Consistory, in fact, spend more time in facing each other than in solving the real problems of all the neighbors, continually slowing the social and economic development of this municipality.

The PP denounces that the mayor and his left-wing partner team "cheat" the Ministry of Finance, Foto 1
The PP denounces that the mayor and his left-wing partner team "cheat" the Ministry of Finance, Foto 2

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