Ganar Totana presents an initiative to the plenary to demand from the Government of the Nation a Law of Local Financing


That with the broadest political consensus, establish the new municipal competency framework with adequate and sufficient financing

"In recent years, the situation has been aggravated to unsustainable limits." Given the neglect of other administrations, municipalities have had to assume improper powers that are being financed with municipal resources "

The city councils of Spain have been demanding more than 30 years a just solution in terms of financing, a solution that far from approaching has been delayed in an inexplicable way over time.

"Since the beginning of democracy in our country, all the Governments of the Nation have included among their programmatic axes and electoral commitments to improve municipal financing and all the Presidents have committed to provide a solution." The FEMP has also made it a priority to resolve the framework of competence and of deficit financing of the city councils As well as in the Congress and the Senate, numerous motions and proposals have been approved throughout the years urging the government in turn to solve this problem. "

For more than 30 years it has been recognized as a just demand, but despite this, to date, the promises have been flagrantly violated by the governments of the PP and the PSOE.

Far from advancing in the improvement of financing, in these years there have been decisions and events that have aggravated the situation to unsustainable limits.

The municipalities have been assuming improper powers that are being financed with municipal resources when they should be financed by other administrations, and if we combine insufficient and unjust funding, we can conclude that a really limited situation has been reached.

"The councils are the administration closest to the citizen and must have the resources to be the institution that can respond more quickly and effectively to the needs of neighbors, which is often the responsibility of other administrations. However, today the participation of municipalities in state public spending is lower than 25 years ago. "

From Ganar Totana we believe it is essential to achieve the historical objective in terms of financing, which would be 50% for the state, 25% for the autonomies and 25% for local entities and also define the competencies of each administration to be assumed by whom it corresponds and they are adapted to the financing.

Currently, the City of Totana receives approximately 11% of what would correspond and faces numerous improper competitions that result in millions of euros that the municipal budget has to derive to cover the neglect of other regional and state administrations.

Ganar Totana presents an initiative to the plenary to demand from the Government of the Nation a Law of Local Financing, Foto 1

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