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It is agreed to sign a collaboration agreement with veterinary clinics of Totana to carry out the identification campaign for companion animals


The Local Government Board has recently approved the joint proposal of the Department of Health and Animal Protection for the signing of the collaboration agreement between the City of Totana and veterinary clinics in the municipality of Totana for the realization of the campaign to identify companion animals (dogs, cats and ferrets).

Law 6/2017, of November 8, on the Protection and Defense of Companion Animals of the Region of Murcia, aims to achieve the highest level of protection and welfare of companion animals, and promote a higher responsibility and a more civic behavior of citizens in the defense and preservation of animals.

With this initiative, they promote, among others, the promotion of responsible ownership, the fight against abandonment, campaigns to identify and sterilize animals, establishing the necessary concerts with the veterinarians of pet animals.

This initiative is developed since the City Council has the necessary budgetary allocations for carrying out actions in public health, health and awareness of pet ownership;

and given that in the municipality of Totana, there are currently five veterinary centers dedicated to companion animals.

In addition, it is promoted, taking into account that Article 4.2 of Law 6/2018, establishes the obligation on the part of owners of pet animals, to have the animal properly identified in the manner and conditions imposed by the applicable regulations, as well as how to inscribe them in the corresponding registers.

The municipal ordinance on Protection and Defense of Companion Animals, in its article 11, establishes the compulsory nature of identification of companion animals through the implementation of an electronic microchip.

Thus, Law 6/2018, in its article 14.2, establishes that for dogs, cats and ferrets, identification will be carried out through the implementation of an electronic identifier, accompanied by the corresponding identification document.

Article 14.4 of Law 6/2017 establishes that the qualified veterinarians will be the ones who will carry out the identification of the animals, as well as being responsible for the inclusion in the corresponding registry of the data related to the owners of the animals. , identification of the same, as well as the diseases and treatments that are established by regulation, as established in article 15 of the aforementioned law.

It is agreed to sign a collaboration agreement with veterinary clinics of Totana to carry out the identification campaign for companion animals, Foto 1

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