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The PP demands the resignation of the councilor of Urbanism for the "disastrous" management in his council


The policy of "fallen arms" Councilman is causing very serious consequences for the residents of Totana

The PP demands the resignation of the Town Planning Councilor for the nefarious management in the area of ​​urbanism, which is causing very important consequences in the development of the municipality of totanero.

The paralysis of the management of the Town Planning Council, in the organization of the council and the processing of licenses, has made the City of Totana the worst in terms of urban management throughout the region, as reflected last week in the regional press .

The Town Planning Councilor, Carlos Ballester, has made the Totana City Council the worst in the Region in the management of urban planning procedures for the granting of licenses.

The article reflected the veracity of the day-to-day complaints of the technical professionals, sector workers and residents of Totana who are affected by the paralysis of their files and by the supreme incompetence of the Town Planning Councilor, who in three years, has been able to organize one of the most important councils of the City Council.

To all this we must add the absurdity of the decision to leave in the drawer the most important files in process as is the case of the General Plan and the proposed modification of the layout of the AVE.

Leave in drawer the drafts to alternative routes on the route of the AVE 2010 from September 14 until it was denounced by the Popular Group, without making any kind of management or action in this regard, is causing serious problems for residents affected by the new layout

We are still waiting for an explanation of his decision, since the arguments presented so far do not justify such action, even have been put in evidence by the Mayor of Librilla, which has called - "regrettable and mediocre" the excuses of the Councilman , since he does not want to be an accomplice of the criticism towards the technicians or cover up the bad management of the totanero city councilor.

Also his government teammate and first deputy mayor of the Municipality of Totana, Juan José Cánovas, demanded the Councilman in a press conference "to explain why he did not inform the municipal groups and their government partners of the intention of Adif de change the path "

A person who has not been able to defend the neighbors for "supposed hidden interests", can not continue defending a problem that he himself has caused by his inaction, "an arsonist can not be called to put out a fire."

And if we talk about the General Plan, the need to resign on the part of this Lord is accentuated to the maximum, since it has paralyzed this file, not proceeding to deliver the documentation that has been required by agencies to continue processing it, as for example the letter received in this City Council in February 2018 sent by Segura Hydrographic Confederation in which the City Council is urged to carry out a justification of conditions and that the Councilor also keeps hidden and we do not know if he will have informed your government partners.

The Councilman continues paralyzing and boycotting the approval of the General Plan, document that in the last legislature was agreed by the political parties except PSOE and that now the Councilman keeps in the drawer despite the damage it means to the development and the municipal economy.

From the Popular Party, attending that this Councilman is a specialist in leaving important files for Totana in the drawer, as has been the General Plan, the layout of the AVE, and the precariousness in the management of the granting of licenses, the City Council being Totana at the head of the regional incompetence, we consider that he is not the most suitable person for the management of this Council and we demand that he accepts his shortcomings and resigns for the good of the general development of Totana

The PP demands the resignation of the councilor of Urbanism for the "disastrous" management in his council, Foto 1

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