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  • The schedule of the "Mateo Garcia" Library will be from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from June 25 to September 7 (21/06/2018)

  • The program of summer sports activities of the "MOVE" Sports Center is presented (21/06/2018)

  • Welcome party to the summer of the program of accompaniment to minors and families that develops "El Candil" (21/06/2018)

  • The Autonomous Community finances with 97,610 euros for the maintenance of the Child Development and Early Childhood Center (21/06/2018)

  • Young people of the Project "Labor 2.0: Youth Guarantee" have visited real training environments (21/06/2018)

  • Municipal authorities meet with the president of the Olympic to coordinate collaborative actions for the next season 2018/2019 (21/06/2018)

  • Emergency services cater to a woman who has suffered a run over in Totana (20/06/2018)

  • Sanitaries move a 15-year-old boy to the Arrixaca after suffering a bicycle fall in Totana (20/06/2018)

  • Triumph of the totanero José Ángel Camacho in the 2nd stage of the Murcia Cadets Cup (20/06/2018)

  • They organize a conference on agriculture and a round table related to the first elections in Totana (20/06/2018)

  • Press conference on the Celebrations of Lébor 2018 and on the problems surrounding the College of this parish (20/06/2018)

  • Next July 14 a solidarity concert by Nuria Fergó and Alma Llanera will take place in Totana (20/06/2018)

  • A total of nineteen auditions are held during the next weeks at the "Ginés Rosa" Theater (20/06/2018)

  • It is agreed to sign a collaboration agreement with veterinary clinics of Totana to carry out the identification campaign for companion animals (20/06/2018)

  • Juan Sánchez, from Club Totana Triathlon, manages to finish the Ironman distance test (20/06/2018)

  • The "Social Missing" Association is born (19/06/2018)

  • Next Friday and Saturday, June 22nd and 23rd, the festivities of the Olympic-Las Peras-La Estación-Triptolemos neighborhood are celebrated (19/06/2018)

  • The City Council signs three collaboration agreements with three associations (19/06/2018)

  • The ECOS International Festival of Ancient Music of Sierra Espuña presents its third edition this Thursday at the Hotel Jardines de La Santa (19/06/2018)

  • The kitchen and dining room service is extended in the "Clara Campoamor" Infant School for the academic year 2018/2019 (19/06/2018)

  • The MV and Bar Restaurant Route 340 teams, finalists of the "Enrique Ambit Palacios" Soccer Cup (19/06/2018)

  • Users of three centers with intellectual disabilities in the region celebrate a sports day of coexistence in Totana contesting contests and contests (18/06/2018)

  • Bartolo Sánchez finishes the Half Marathon of Rome among the top 20 (18/06/2018)

  • The best contract for works for the conditioning of sidewalks in Juan XXIII Street is awarded (18/06/2018)

  • The neighborhood parties of Las Lomas del Paretón are celebrated from June 22 to 24 with an extensive program of activities for this weekend (18/06/2018)

  • The Santa Eulalia School gets the first place in the Local Stage of School Sports Minivoley (18/06/2018)

  • The Department of Culture has made a selection of books with the theme of diversity on the occasion of the Week for Respect and Equality of the LGTBI Collective in the municipal library "Mateo García" (18/06/2018)

  • Agenda of the ordinary session of the Local Government Board of the City Council held on June 14 (18/06/2018)

  • Tomorrow starts the program of activities of the Week for Respect and Equality of LGTBI Collective (17/06/2018)

  • Firefighters put out the fire declared outside a fruit warehouse in Totana (15/06/2018)

  • Seventeen artists star in the painting exhibition "Totana, the color of a Centennial", organized by the Association of Painters "Con-Traste" (15/06/2018)

  • Julia Martínez is crowned as the new queen of the Elderly Parties of the Municipal Center of the Plaza Balsa Vieja (15/06/2018)

  • The bidding document for the contract for the rehabilitation works of the Juan de Uzeta Fountain and its surroundings, in the Plaza de la Constitución, was approved (15/06/2018)

  • The Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts of the Region of Murcia is financing a concert by the Con Forza Symphony Orchestra (15/06/2018)

  • The PP denounces the illegality of painting the steps for colored pedestrians and demands their immediate restitution (14/06/2018)

  • The refinishing of the pedestrian crossings with the colors of the rainbow flag in the Plaza de la Constitución to raise awareness of the rights of the LGTBI collective (14/06/2018)

  • The skatepark La Cruz hosts this Saturday June 16 the second edition of "Tablacho Skateboarding Contest 2018" (14/06/2018)

  • The Department of Education will collaborate with the Education for Health project of CEIP "La Cruz" providing technical and material support (14/06/2018)

  • The Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities calls for aid to improve the person's autonomy and quality of life for the elderly (14/06/2018)

  • Mario Arias from Framusa Grasshopper MTB in Orihuela (14/06/2018)

  • The Sports Complex "Valle del Guadalentín" of El Paretón hosts the III Olympic Tournament of Totana (13/06/2018)

  • The celebration program of the Municipal Center for the Elderly of the Balsa Vieja square begins, with the traditional distribution of lemon ice cream to users and members (13/06/2018)

  • The hours of the City Council's Citizen Service will be from June 16 to September 30, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (13/06/2018)

  • They will replace several alignments of road trees due to their internal affection that had generated structural weaknesses in trunk and branches (13/06/2018)

  • The finals and delivery of trophies of the Local Stage of School Sports Minivoley will take place this Friday at the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" (13/06/2018)

  • The Club Totana Triathlon was present at the Sertri in Cartagena and in the Valencia 113 (13/06/2018)

  • Difficult luck of the totanero riders in the Subida a Guia de Isora (12/06/2018)

  • The MV teams, Cafeteria El Faro, Bar Restaurante Ruta 340 and Pizzeria Tumar Los Cachorros are classified for the semi-finals of the "Enrique Ambit Palacios" Soccer Cup (12/06/2018)

  • They promote the creation of a Municipal Commission for Children and Youth to energize the social, cultural and political life of these population sectors in Totana (12/06/2018)

  • They undertake improvement and conditioning work in the "Blue Park", in the area of ​​the urbanization "La Verja" (12/06/2018)



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