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  • "The fiscal measures imposed by the Government of Rajoy to Totana are a consequence of the waste of the PP in its 12 years of ill-fated government" "Totana citizens must not forget that municipal debt, millionaire sentences and loan de (25/02/2017)

  • It increases the capacity of the stands to see this afternoon the carnival of Totana (25/02/2017)

  • Good weather for this Carnival weekend in Totana (24/02/2017)

  • The PP denounces that Totana is the only municipality that raises the IBI, "as a consequence of the policies of the misgovernment of the leftist pact" (24/02/2017)

  • This weekend the first parades of the Carnival of Totana 2017 are celebrated. Local clubs and schools participate, Saturday and Sunday respectively (24/02/2017)

  • The Department of Sports congratulates Gabriel Sánchez, of the Table Tennis Club Totana (24/02/2017)

  • The Department of Economic Development organizes a new course on "Dynamization of children's leisure time educational activities" (24/02/2017)

  • Unanimously approved the initiative of the PP in the Plenum of the city council so that the documents that are found and retained unduly by the Catalan Generality pertaining to the archive of Salamanca (24/02/2017)

  • Antonio Murcia: "The houses that are outside of norm have all their guarantees" (23/02/2017)

  • The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows organizes a meal (23/02/2017)

  • The III Education and Emotion Forum will take place on March 4 (23/02/2017)

  • The bases for the selection of professional staff and 15 students in the mixed employment-training program "Social-health care for dependents in social institutions" are approved (23/02/2017)

  • The mayor proposes to name Favorite Son to the writer and researcher totanero Ginés Rosa López (23/02/2017)

  • The remodeling works of the "Diego Manzano" garden, in the neighborhood of the High Era, will finish next week (23/02/2017)

  • Inform the procedure for enrollment of students in free regime in the Official School of Languages ​​for the academic year 2016/2017 (23/02/2017)

  • Gabriel Sánchez, Totana Club TM, convened for the Spanish National Team (23/02/2017)

  • The director general of Sports visits the sports infrastructure of Totana (22/02/2017)

  • The PP will request, during the plenary of tomorrow, the support and provision of this council to the Association "Save the Archive of Salamanca" (22/02/2017)

  • A service desk is enabled to report on the possible submission of allegations regarding the rectification of deficiencies to provisional approval of the PGMO. Until March 21 (22/02/2017)

  • Propose to name the popularly known "Rotunda de los Franceses" as "Square of Civil Protection Volunteers" (22/02/2017)

  • The four municipal groups request that economic items destined to equality policies and fight against gender violence be returned to levels at least similar to those of 2010 (22/02/2017)

  • Acometen works of renovation of the perimeter fence in the two tennis courts of the Municipal Sports Center "6 of December" (22/02/2017)

  • The totanero José Miguel Cano, in the III Championship of Spain Master of long distance (21/02/2017)

  • The Municipal People's Group will request the full reserve of the land in the Industrial Area "El Saladar" for the future installation of the ITV (21/02/2017)

  • Athletic club of Totana present in II Vrutrail and Sewer (21/02/2017)

  • The Director General of the Civil Guard congratulates the people of Totana after the motion of the PP to support the agents attacked in Alsasua by some exalted. This proposal was approved in the plenary of December after the aggressions suffered late (21/02/2017)

  • It resumes from the next week the attendance service of public attention that had been suppressed in the railway station of Totana The mayor maintains that this agreement with Renfe is consequence of the demands made by the City council to improve th (21/02/2017)

  • Target more than 1.5 million emergency works on 11 regional roads damaged by rain and snow storms (21/02/2017)

  • Candidates for the institutional homage to women and a legal entity organized on the occasion of International Women's Day, March 8, may be submitted until February 28 (21/02/2017)

  • Four tests for the members of CC Santa Eulalia this past weekend (21/02/2017)

  • New training for young people from Project Labor 2.0: Youth Guarantee (20/02/2017)

  • Awarding of the XVII Open Tennis Promises "Ciudad de Totana" (20/02/2017)

  • Yesterday, Sunday, February 19, was the monthly stay of the group of friends of the mountain "Kasi Ná Trail" (20/02/2017)

  • Open letter from José Balsas García on the PGMO (20/02/2017)

  • Big success of Club Totana TM in the state tournament of Valladolid (20/02/2017)

  • Totaneros in the Duatlon Carnivals of Eagles (19/02/2017)

  • They describe as "embarrassing spectacle" offered by some with respect to the General Plan, whose statements "overcome insult and disrespect" "Even with the plan of Morales and then that of Andreo, they were so hard and criti (18/02/2017)

  • A neighbor of Totana, Guillermo Nevado Cabrera, donates 12,000 euros to D'Genes (17/02/2017)

  • The PSOE sees the growing nervousness and tension in IU and more specifically in the figure of the mayor (17/02/2017)

  • The Local Police detains an individual who was caught stealing inside a tourist parked on Avenida Juan Carlos I (17/02/2017)

  • The PP denounces that the socialist spokesman, Andrés García, refuses to publicly debate about the General Plan with the rest of political parties (17/02/2017)

  • The totaneros Carmen Garcia Requena (Tierno Galván) and Juan José Vera Pargada (Juan de la Cierva) were proclaimed regional champions in the Regional Final of School Sport Chess (17/02/2017)

  • IES Prado Mayor commemorates International Children's Cancer Day (17/02/2017)

  • "Raising the heights would mean a large increase in the IBI to all families in the affected neighborhoods" (16/02/2017)

  • The Brotherhood of Jesus Flagellate organizes a brotherhood meal on Sunday, February 19 (16/02/2017)

  • Marcela Crespo: "Another General Plan of Urbanism, Yes It Can" (16/02/2017)

  • Perform pruning and maintenance of the population of palm trees on public roads, parks and gardens (16/02/2017)

  • The BORM today issued the order of the Councilor regarding the revocation of partial definitive approval orders, Totana's PGMO (16/02/2017)

  • The General Plan is the clearest example of the internal battles that the Government Team has (16/02/2017)

  • United Left, PP and Citizens refuse to sit at a table to negotiate the General Plan (16/02/2017)



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