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  • Three Push-ups for the classes of Religion (17/05/2019)

  • The corporate Twitter profile of Totana City Council is included, for the first time, in the TOP-40 of the most influential accounts of town halls in Spain (17/05/2019)

  • The City Council will sign an agreement with the Spanish Red Cross to develop social intervention programs, employment, volunteer activities and participation (17/05/2019)

  • They carry out integral cleaning works in different spaces and uncontrolled waste dumps in the periphery, located in the districts of Triptolemos and San José, respectively (17/05/2019)

  • The Department of Equality shows its commitment to the eradication of any type of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity today that commemorates the Day Against LGBTIphobia (17/05/2019)

  • Students of the IES Prado Mayor carry out their training practices in Rimini (Italy) (17/05/2019)

  • The installation works of a potable water distribution pipeline are adjudged next to the La Santa ravine, in the Tirol Camilleri neighborhood (17/05/2019)

  • The students of the Santiago de Totana school make a giant chess with recycled material (16/05/2019)

  • A second-hand truck is acquired to expand the fleet of vehicles for various services of the Municipal Warehouse (16/05/2019)

  • They initiate the file to contract the execution of the healthy urban itinerary in the avenue of Lorca for the exercise of the activity (16/05/2019)

  • The diplomas of the training actions "Cleaning of open spaces and facilities" and "Assembly and maintenance of low voltage electrical installations" are delivered (16/05/2019)

  • This Friday there will be a session of Laughter therapy with the family at the "Celia Carrión Pérez de Tudela" Multidisciplinary Center in Totana (15/05/2019)

  • They publish the Economic-Financial Report of the City of Totana, as of December 2018 (15/05/2019)

  • Admitted all the applications presented in the process of admission of students in the Municipal School "Clara Campoamor" for the 2019/20 academic year (15/05/2019)

  • The installation of two antennas in El Paretón and Lébor Alto can cause incidents these days in the reception of the DTT signal in areas of the municipality, motivated by the activation of the 4G technology (15/05/2019)

  • The Post Office will open every day until May 24 to facilitate distance voting in the elections of next March 26 (15/05/2019)

  • More than 600 people visit the exhibition organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Air Surveillance Squadron number 13 (14/05/2019)

  • They inform of the new line of aid to the Social Economy authorized by the Autonomous Community (14/05/2019)

  • The CAT was present in four events this past weekend: Trail Route of the Quarries, 101 km from Malaga, Junglas Nerpio and Ascent to La Santa (13/05/2019)

  • The IX Solidarity Route for Rare Diseases, between the municipalities of Totana and María, will be held on June 16 (13/05/2019)

  • The Day Centers for Disability celebrate their particular Burial of the Sardine, in the course of a festive transversal day (13/05/2019)

  • Totana commemorates the International Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue with the reading of a manifesto and awareness-raising actions (13/05/2019)

  • The Department of Sports congratulates the Olympic Totana for the mathematical salvation of the category in the group XIII of the Third Division, in the absence of a day (13/05/2019)

  • Institutional reception is given to users of the Day Center and Elderly People of Lorca "Domingo Sastre" who visit Totana (13/05/2019)

  • Professor Vicente Tiburcio presents the book "El Estado Babaji" on Friday (13/05/2019)

  • Raúl Guevara and Mar Gómez repeat in La Santa (12/05/2019)

  • Components of Club Triathón Totana participated in the XXIII climb to the Santa and V Olympic triathlon City of Elche (12/05/2019)

  • News 12/05/2019 (12/05/2019)

  • Citizens start "with strength and illusion" the election campaign in Totana with the posting of posters (10/05/2019)

  • They extend the insurance policy for property damage of the Totana City Council for three more months (10/05/2019)

  • The new poetry collection "Desde mi silencio azul", by Antonio Lorca Cánovas, user of the Day Center for People with Mental Disability (10/05/2019)

  • They approve the modification of the Ordinance of the Internal Regime of the Municipal Cemetery, extending until 2021 the term to adapt the titles of funerary rights to the regulations (10/05/2019)

  • La Peña "La Mantellina" organizes the Festival of Folklore and Traditions "Totana, Kingdom of Murcia" (09/05/2019)

  • Municipal government and union organizations sign the agreement on working conditions for public employees of the Totana City Council for the period 2019/22 (09/05/2019)

  • Intergenerational Solidarity organizes a training action on "Independent life and personal assistant", with the collaboration of the City Council of Totana, from May 27 to June 13 (09/05/2019)

  • The winner of the Contract of the Municipal Covered Swimming Pool is authorized to execute different works of repair, improvement and conditioning of this infrastructure (09/05/2019)

  • Joint statement from the coach of the Olympic club of Totana, coaching staff and the three captains of the team (08/05/2019)

  • PP: "López Miras shows once again his commitment to Totana with the construction of the tank of sewage storms and deposit of the purifier" (08/05/2019)

  • Almost two million for the storm tank and the rolling deposit of the Totana treatment plant (08/05/2019)

  • A total of 13 women at risk of social vulnerability will benefit from the training and employment program "Walk between fabrics" (08/05/2019)

  • January 7 and December 10 will be the two local festivities for next year 2020 in the municipality of Totana (08/05/2019)

  • Approve the public prices for the activities of the sports program "Verano Polideportivo" of the year 2019 (08/05/2019)

  • The file is initiated to hire three van-vehicles for the Municipal Water Service of the City Council (08/05/2019)

  • The Automobile Club Totana sweeps the 37th edition of the Ascent to the Beaches of Mazarrón (07/05/2019)

  • Win Totana IU will present its candidacy next Thursday at 20:00 on the esplanade of the Technological Center of Crafts (07/05/2019)

  • Citizens bet on the illusion, regeneration and change in their list for Totana (07/05/2019)

  • A total of eight candidates attend the municipal elections in the City of Totana in the appointment of next May 26 (07/05/2019)

  • The councilor of HR stresses that the new framework agreement "benefits" the workers of the City Council (07/05/2019)

  • Spanish Association Table Tennis Veterans Association With more than 500 participants, in the town of Altea, on Wednesday 1 began the team test of the most important veterans championship in Spain (07/05/2019)

  • The name of Ginés Sánchez Cánovas "El Palomo" is given to the new green areas and children's playground built in the San José neighborhood, in compliance with the plenary agreement (06/05/2019)



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