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  • The IES management team "Juan de la Cierva and Codorniú" submits to the mayor of the Memory of the International Baccalaureate corresponding to the 2016/2017 academic year (20/07/2017)

  • The contract of the municipal service of withdrawal of vehicles of the public road is extended for a year (20/07/2017)

  • The contract for the paving works and renovation of the water supply and sanitation networks of the Cánovas del Castillo and Cañada Zamora streets to the Calle del Barco is awarded (20/07/2017)

  • Students from the "Social-health care for dependents in social institutions" receive their diplomas from the Food Handler Course (20/07/2017)

  • Young people from the "Project Labor 2.0: youth guarantee" carry out a new group activity, in the coastal zone of Mazarrón (20/07/2017)

  • The fiestas of El Raiguero Bajo are celebrated next weekend from July 21 to 23 (19/07/2017)

  • Town Hall and Unipublic meet to coordinate the security and emergency device on the occasion of the 10th stage of the Tour of Spain that will pass through Totana on 29 August (19/07/2017)

  • The deadline for the submission of proposals for training activities to be carried out during the months of October 2017 to June 2018 (19/07/2017)

  • Finishing works for the refurbishment of the children's playground in the garden of the "La Cárcel" Sociocultural Center (19/07/2017)

  • They will propose that the neighbors decide the future of the old schools of "La Cruz" and "Juan de la Cierva" "The educational centers built by the Second Republic, have been disaffected for years and could be two important (18/07/2017)

  • Construcciones Hermanos Palomares receives the "Golden Star" to the Professional Merit, for its trajectory, commitment and professionalism (18/07/2017)

  • The mayor meets with the heads of the two parish Caritas of Totana in order to coordinate joint actions (18/07/2017)

  • Agents of the Local Police of Totana recover last weekend a stolen vehicle in a local company (18/07/2017)

  • Students from the mixed employment and training program already practice as caregivers in the socio-health centers of the municipality of Totana (18/07/2017)

  • The first half of the 2017 Summer School is closed (18/07/2017)

  • Interview with Reme Ruiz Chief of Studies of the EOI Lorca in the Extension of Totana (17/07/2017)

  • Move becomes cardioprotected space (17/07/2017)

  • Terra Sport Cycling school goes on vacation (15/07/2017)

  • Traditional Mass in the Municipal Cemetery of Totana "Our Lady of the Carmen" on the occasion of the feast of the Virgin of the Carmen (14/07/2017)

  • XX Anniversary Miguel Ángel Blanco (14/07/2017)

  • More than 40 families in Santa Eulalia Avenue have solved the pressure problems in the potable water network that they have been suffering for years. The works, with a budget of 7,600 euros, have consisted in connecting the network with the one of th (14/07/2017)

  • They install a branch of distribution pipeline in El Raiguero to solve the problems of interruption of the service in the high zones (13/07/2017)

  • The mayor and the councilor of Tourism take possession like new vowels of the Board of Government of the Commonwealth Tourist of Sierra Espuña (13/07/2017)

  • Acometen clearing works in rural roads and streets of the hamlet of El Paretón-Cantareros (13/07/2017)

  • Totana commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the kidnapping and murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco at ETA hands, keeping five minutes of silence in his memory (12/07/2017)

  • The Local Police detains a man suspected of robbery with force and intimidation in a commercial establishment of Totana (12/07/2017)

  • The Finance Department expects to receive new financing lines offered by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration in September (12/07/2017)

  • News 12/07/2017 (12/07/2017)

  • The team "Panadería Yves" proclaims champion of the 24 Hours of Futsal "Ciudad de Totana" (12/07/2017)

  • The International Festival of Ancient Music of Sierra Espuña offers two concerts in Totana (12/07/2017)

  • The Councilor for Citizen Security, Traffic and Civil Protection transfers to the Mayor his objectives, needs plan and roadmap for the next two years of legislature (12/07/2017)

  • Tomorrow is the last day to formalize the inscription in the Popular Race "Festivals of Santiago" (12/07/2017)

  • Interview with Lucía Munuera, member of the Spanish Association of Mastocytosis (11/07/2017)

  • The Sixth Coexistence of Workers of the Special Employment Center of Totana (CEDETO) is celebrated to consolidate the company's social relations and facilitate its integration in the labor market (11/07/2017)

  • The Municipal Water Service is forced to cut off supply in the great majority of the urban center of Totana for several hours (11/07/2017)

  • More than 600 students have participated in this course in the program "Know your town hall" (11/07/2017)

  • The XXVII Festival of Bands "Ciudad de Totana" will take place on July 21 (11/07/2017)

  • The Evening of Habaneras and Popular Songs will be held on July 22 in the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" (11/07/2017)

  • The children's playground works in the "La Charca" complex (11/07/2017)

  • The Club Totana Triathlon has had two weekends of quite activity, touring the Spanish geography (10/07/2017)

  • Savoring friendship forged in adolescence more than 50 years ago (10/07/2017)

  • Promote a public awareness campaign to prohibit the sale and consumption of alcohol to minors (10/07/2017)

  • The fiestas of Las Lomas de La Cruz de El Paretón are celebrated from July 14 to 16 (10/07/2017)

  • Several non-profit entities of Totana are informed of the call for aid from European funds EAFRD (10/07/2017)

  • Start of the D'Genes Summer Respite 2017 program (08/07/2017)

  • Totana already prepares its Popular Race "Festivities of Santiago" (07/07/2017)

  • The festivities of the urbanization "La Charca" are celebrated, for the first time, next July 14 (07/07/2017)

  • The Musical Association "Con Forza" organizes a charity concert to benefit AECC (07/07/2017)

  • The Local Board of Citizen Security is celebrated to coordinate the security and emergency device of the patron saint festivities of Santiago'2017 (07/07/2017)

  • Project of placing a watch in the tower of the Chapel of the Milagrosa on the occasion of the centenary of its construction (07/07/2017)



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