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  • Juan Francisco Torres is elected president of the Totana Youth Platform (21/09/2019)

  • PSOE: "Win Totana - IU, PP, VOX and Citizens jointly abstain from the promotion of CULTURE in Totana" (21/09/2019)

  • The Mayor's Office submits the proposal to initially approve the general budget of the City Council for the fiscal year 2019 (21/09/2019)

  • The mayor meets with the president of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS) (20/09/2019)

  • The Maintenance Gymnastics program started last September 9 (20/09/2019)

  • Award of the Catering and Dining Services contract at the Municipal Center for the Elderly and the Day Centers for Dependent Elderly People of the City Council (20/09/2019)

  • The Football League "Enrique Ambit Palacios" 2019/2020 will start the weekend of October 5 and 6 (20/09/2019)

  • The PSOE of Totana joins the campaign to help Los Alcázares (20/09/2019)

  • The 34th Ascent to La Santa, penultimate scoring event for the Spanish Mountain Championship, will be held from September 27 to 29, with more than 60 pilots (19/09/2019)

  • Elections to the new Board of Directors of the Municipal Center for the Elderly will be held on Friday, October 11, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (19/09/2019)

  • The mayor receives the new chief commander of the EVA-13 Combat Air Command, Jacinto Alarcón Cervantes, who took office last August (19/09/2019)

  • The deadline is open until October 1 to update the members of the Municipal Commission for Children and Youth in order to reactivate this citizen participation body (19/09/2019)

  • City Council and social action entities coordinate actions for the development of the projects that will be carried out this course (18/09/2019)

  • The totanera Laura Acosta will participate in the 2nd edition of Keyhole Art Fair (18/09/2019)

  • The Civil Guard detains a person in Totana for scams in the contracting of micro-credits (18/09/2019)

  • "Start a successful online business" is the new free workshop of CECARM that will be developed in the CDL (18/09/2019)

  • The City Council congratulates and thanks the municipal security and emergency services and the cleaning brigades for their collaboration to mitigate the magnitude of the episode of torrential rains (18/09/2019)

  • The III Totana Metal Fest is celebrated this Saturday, September 21 in the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz", with the participation of five groups (17/09/2019)

  • The Local Government Board awards the contract of insurance policy for material damages of the City of Totana (17/09/2019)

  • The Consistory totanero condemns and shows its rejection for the triple case of sexist violence in Pontevedra (17/09/2019)

  • The totanero José Miguel Cano participated in the crossing of the Grosa Island (16/09/2019)

  • Civil Protection Totana takes stock of the episode of cold drop in the municipality (16/09/2019)

  • The Totana photovoltaic plant is already connected to the network (16/09/2019)

  • A casting in Totana will take place next Wednesday to shoot a documentary for National Geographic (16/09/2019)

  • The Councilor for Culture attends the presentation of the book "Music for a castaway", by Pedro Antonio Cano, for the benefit of the Association D´Genes (16/09/2019)

  • The Local Police of Totana carries out a surveillance and control campaign on distractions at the wheel from today until next Sunday (16/09/2019)

  • Open Table Tennis City of Lorca (15/09/2019)

  • Civil Protection Volunteers in Totana participate today in the support efforts for the evacuation of families and drains from garages, basements and commercial basements in Los Alcázares (15/09/2019)

  • About 3.30 we had a strong storm accompanied by electric charge (14/09/2019)

  • Aemet once again raises the alert in the Murcia region due to heavy rains of 40 l / m2 in one hour (13/09/2019)

  • Civil Protection personnel collaborate jointly in the work of citizen evacuation in Síscar to enable the controlled disembarkation of the Santomera dam (13/09/2019)

  • A team of Civil Protection volunteers from Totana moves urgently to Santomera (13/09/2019)

  • Civil Protection and Civil Guard rescue a person trapped in his vehicle on the Camino de Juan Teresa at its intersection with the Guadalentín River (13/09/2019)

  • Totana accumulates an average of more than 80 liters per square meter as a result of the rainy season without significant damage caused (13/09/2019)

  • The worst has happened, but the risk of heavy rains continues, as reported by Totana Civil Protection (13/09/2019)

  • The mayor of Totana, Juan José Cánovas, takes stock of damages caused by the rainy storm in the municipality in the last two days (13/09/2019)

  • 1-1-2 has managed until 9:00 pm 1,020 issues related to the rains (12/09/2019)

  • Volunteers of the Association in Totana coordinate emergency work at the Civil Protection Coordination Center (CECOPAL), coinciding with the rainy season (12/09/2019)

  • News 12/09/2019 (12/09/2019)

  • The mayor offers interesting data and incidents due to the rains until 6:30 pm (12/09/2019)

  • News 12/09/2019 (12/09/2019)

  • The suspension of classes in all education is maintained tomorrow Friday (12/09/2019)

  • Civil Protection has not registered any incident during the early morning in Totana nor has any notice been registered at 112. (12/09/2019)

  • The Department of Infrastructure and Services, Local Police and Civil Protection report the emergency device in Totana before the red warning for the episode of torrential rains in the coming days (11/09/2019)

  • The red warning is activated in the Region of Murcia due to the possibility of torrential rains (11/09/2019)

  • The delegate of the Government asks citizens to exercise extreme caution in anticipation of heavy rainfall that could reach 200 l / m2 in 12 hours (11/09/2019)

  • "Escape and learn" the first book coordinated by Pedro Antonio García Tudela exceeds 10,000 downloads in just over half a year (11/09/2019)

  • Classes are suspended at schools in the municipality of Totana this Thursday due to adverse weather forecasts, (11/09/2019)

  • The first Local Government Board of the new political course is held today (11/09/2019)

  • The new councilor of the Socialist Group, Pedro Antonio Megal, will take office in the ordinary plenary session on September 26 (11/09/2019)



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