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  • Totana's PP will fully present a motion to study the use of therapy with animals in centers of elderly and centers where people with disabilities go. In addition he will propose a proposal to promote an urgent agreement between the Parliamentary (28/03/2017)

  • Penultimate league match of the Tennis Club Kuore in front of the Club of Tennis La Alcayna of Murcia (28/03/2017)

  • The Municipal Water Service will come tomorrow to the cleaning of the deposit Virgen de las Huertas (28/03/2017)

  • Totana hosts until 7 April the itinerant photographic exhibition "Cuida-T", provided by the General Directorate for Women, and with which the program of events for the International Women's Day ends. Different forms of damage as a resul (28/03/2017)

  • The deadline for the presentation of the "Young March" Photography Contest ends this Friday (28/03/2017)

  • The ordinary plenary meeting is held from March to tomorrow Wednesday (28/03/2017)

  • Soccer League closes "Play fair" with trophy delivery (27/03/2017)

  • Victory of the bases of the Olympic of Totana (27/03/2017)

  • Results Circuit TTr regional Club Badminton City of Totana (27/03/2017)

  • The act of nomination of the street Celia Carrión Pérez de Tudela, in the urban section of the street San Cristóbal that initially had been considered is suspended (27/03/2017)

  • Until April 28th, applications for the admission of students to the "Clara Campoamor" School for the 2017/2018 school year may be submitted (27/03/2017)

  • New Polo for Totana Athletics Club (26/03/2017)

  • Totana was present at the V Meeting of Eulalienses Associations celebrated in Mérida (26/03/2017)

  • In 2 nd Priego Nacional wins two Totana victories (26/03/2017)

  • They propose to suspend for six months different actions regarding the tax on the increase of the value of the lands of urban nature (26/03/2017)

  • They ask the Ministry that the students of the College of Lébor finish all their studies of Primary Education in this center (25/03/2017)

  • "1st Celebration of Learning" of La Milagrosa School (24/03/2017)

  • They organize a contest of drawing directed to schoolchildren of Primary Education with which it is tried to foment their imagination for the World Day of the Creativity and the Innovation (24/03/2017)

  • The Councilor for Youth and technicians of the Directorate General of Youth visit the IES "Juan de la Cierva" (24/03/2017)

  • The Department of Sports and the Sports Center "MOVE" organized a School Aquatic Day and Zumba (24/03/2017)

  • It is approved to maintain the transfer of the social premises of the neighborhood of San Roque to the Collective for Social Promotion "El Candil" (24/03/2017)

  • Next Sunday will be held in Totana the I Solidary Court of Ham to the benefit of D'Genes and AELIP (23/03/2017)

  • COAG Totana presents 90% of aid applications for snow damage in Totana (23/03/2017)

  • The PP denounces that the government team is making the council an unsustainable situation and an unbreakable environment with the General Plan (23/03/2017)

  • More than 50 affected people participated in the informative talk about aid in crops with protection structures damaged by the last snow storm (23/03/2017)

  • Until March 29th, offers can be submitted for the management of the public service of promotional activities in the argárico deposit "La Bastida" (23/03/2017)

  • The Sports City "Valverde Reina" hosts this Saturday 25 March the trophy ceremony of the "Play Fair" Football League (23/03/2017)

  • Students of the CEIP "Guadalentín" of El Paretón participate in the sessions of the Road Education program promoted by the Local Police (23/03/2017)

  • The SAC of the City of Totana registers a total of 1,564 allegations to the General Plan within the anticipated legal term of one month (22/03/2017)

  • The inauguration of Celia Carrión Pérez de Tudela Street will be next April 2 (22/03/2017)

  • The Council of Youth and the Association "Air Ministers" organized this Saturday the activity "Tablacho Skate Contest" (22/03/2017)

  • Municipal authorities sign the agreement for the transfer of the social premises of the neighborhood of San Francisco to the neighborhood association (22/03/2017)

  • Improvements to access to CEIP "San José" and the social center of San Francisco neighborhood (22/03/2017)

  • The Socialist Party feels that the period of public exposure of the document of the General Municipal Plan of Ordination has not been extended (21/03/2017)

  • The Mayor announces that all the allegations submitted to the General Municipal Planning Plan until March 31 will be taken into account (21/03/2017)

  • From today the admission period in the School of Easter is opened (21/03/2017)

  • The Commonwealth of the Channels of Taibilla this Thursday proceeded to the cleaning of the deposits of San José (21/03/2017)

  • The schooling process for the 2017/2018 academic year begins next Thursday (21/03/2017)

  • Awarded the minor contract of the Service of Speech Therapy at the Center for Early Childhood Development and Attention of Totana (21/03/2017)

  • The Local Police of Totana detains four people and processes two administrative complaints for driving under the influence of alcohol (20/03/2017)

  • Totana PP president and spokeswoman, Isabel Maria Sánchez Ruiz, is appointed new Executive Secretary of Crafts and Commerce of the PP of the Region of Murcia (20/03/2017)

  • It is awarded the management of the catering service of several municipal public services dependent on the City of Totana (20/03/2017)

  • The City Council agrees to sign an agreement with the University of Murcia (20/03/2017)

  • The "Munuera y Abadía" Reading Center collects from March 27 to April 7 the photographic exhibition "Cuida-T" (20/03/2017)

  • The Autonomous Community organizes an informative talk to account for the aid to crops damaged by snow (20/03/2017)

  • The Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary celebrates this Friday its traditional Way of the Cross (20/03/2017)

  • Double displacement of the CTM Roquetas to Totana and victory of the two teams of 2ª Nacional totaneros (19/03/2017)

  • Salsa-bachata and sevillanas, new courses offered by the Manoli Cánovas Dance School for the month of April (18/03/2017)

  • According to Professor González-Varas: "The procedure that has been followed in the PGMO of Totana after the revocation of the plan of 2011 has not been adequate" After the talk-colloquium, there was a lively and fruitful debate between The (17/03/2017)

  • The period for submission of allegations to the PGOM, which ends on 22 March, as requested by the CEBAG, will not be extended (17/03/2017)



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