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 The PP says is absolutely false that the stadium will be offered to General to settle the debts "

Totana The PP says in a statement that "the PSOE has completely lost the north and as a sign of desperation is the latest press release in ensuring that the Estadio Municipal de Fútbol" Juan Cayuela "has to deliver to the General dealership Cleaning Services and Waste Collection, to settle debts with the City, "something that is flatly false."

The PP requires the PSOE that "correct in their statements, because in their line of trying to destroy and discredit the image of the government team, returns to pour information that does not have any facts or basis and if they have any proof of this "alleged plot" that the show, which will not be possible. "

For the PP "is a fact increasingly clear that this type of maneuver the PSOE is more apparent in totanera society, and the PSOE, lacking political leadership and strategy with which to carry out projects profitable and productive for Totana, pull false information only to the fact totaneros to hurt. "

In this regard, the RFP calls on socialists to "work towards the interests of the residents because it is well to deceive, distort and torpedo the management team of government, which, despite the economic situation, works for no longer provided municipal services. "

"Furthermore, such information also proves once again that the Socialist councilors do not have the slightest idea of how it should perform a swap of this nature and that it is a very complex case, which has never considered the possibility of carrying it out, "they conclude from the PP.


24/3/2010 Source: PP Totana


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