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 The Socialists say they "will not allow the mayor to deliver the football field to the General to repay its debt"

"According to the PSOE has been told of Totana, the mayor could have reached a tentative agreement with the concessionaire of the garbage and cleaning, to settle the outstanding debt of several million euros", report the socialists in statement.

Socialist spokesman said "the indignation of the totaneros to the last mayor's management could be about to materialize, according to Martínez Andreo which would have offered the property to General Field Olympic Soccer Totana, to settle debt that the city has contracted with the company, which amount to several million euros. "

Juan Fco Otálora also said that "this is again another maneuver with the mayor again make bigger the hole you created in recent years."

"Improvisation and muddle are the tools that work Andreo, and still do not solve the enormous problems of this country" has expressed.

According to the socialist leader "the transaction is pending that the company could get a mortgage on the property that would convey the council, so that would have cash that is, in short, their aspiration."

Otálora also believes that "the process of disinvestment and sale that started this government team to plug the loopholes in the municipal economy, which they themselves have caused, are" bread today, hunger for tomorrow, because they will leave accounts public in abject poverty "."

He also said that "asked in Parliament tomorrow, Thursday the veracity of these maneuvers, and require the relevant responsibilities of these leaders are spendthrifts who gradually liquidated and unscrupulous the possibilities of overcoming the municipal bankruptcy."

Otálora concluded "asking Andreo sanity and responsibility to the council of the PP and supporting it. In the confusion and hardship being suffered by the council, it is necessary to take into account the positive proposals that have been doing in recent months to adjust final expenditure and to agree on a feasibility plan for the municipal economy, it is essential that our leaders are the first to lead by example, to stop deceiving the liquidate totaneros not public property "."


The Socialists say they "will not allow the mayor to deliver the football field to the General to repay its debt" - 1

24/3/2010 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: archivo


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