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 Start a new edition of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair"

The new edition of the Football League, Fan "Play Fair" started on Saturday September 26 at the Sports City Espuña and Sport Complex Guadalentín Valley "of Paretón, and this season has a participation of twenty teams , which is a new record.

From the Sports Council have highlighted the participation of several teams from outside the locality and Aledo, Aguilas, Mazarron and Murcia.

The competition system of the local league will be a double round, with a total of thirty-eight days, also vying for the Cup competition, which will be entitled to participate in the eight best teams in the league.

Computers that are part of the competition this season are: the pachucos, Peña Madridista The Tenth, Furniture Mondrian, Bar River, St. Baron, Tara Hamburger, Constructions Herme, Kennellys, Antonio Fuentes Mendez Peña Barcelonista Totana, Transport Wolf, Furniture The Office, Brothers Periago, Rec Line Designs Javi, Chemist Patrick Library, Eagles, El Zagal, Florist Caty, Ceser Sánchez Murcia The Cubs and Utopia.

Of meetings on the first day of the league, from the Department of Sports has highlighted the thrashings starring Tara Hamburger and Ceser Sanchez Brothers The Cubs face Utopia Periago and Murcia, respectively, allowing them to be placed at the top of the leaderboard.

They also won their matches in the beginning of Line Rec League teams, Peña Madridista The Tenth, the pachucos, and Antonio Fuentes Mendez Kennellys.

On the other hand, parties that were planned for Sunday, Patricio Pena and Transport Barcelona-Bar Wolf River, had to be suspended by bad weather.

The day will close on Thursday with a meeting between the teams Furniture Mondrian and El Zagal.


Start a new edition of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" - 1

Start a new edition of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" - 2

Start a new edition of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" - 3

29/9/2009 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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