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 They will present to Parliament a motion to develop policies that enhance the immediate coverage of the basic food needs in emergency social

The councilman of Social Welfare, Juan Carrion, will present a motion at Full Council to be held tomorrow Thursday 28 May at eight o'clock, to promote and develop measures to encourage the immediate pursuit of food by people who are in need, among which would include:

The mayor explained that "we have evidence that in our area there are many people who go to public social services (Social Services Centre) and private (associations such as Caritas) in order to demand an urgent financial support for products or cover their basic food needs, especially given the current climate of economic crisis we are facing. "

He also noted the existence of constraints that private social action of the town are to immediately provide this food. "

Therefore, through this motion, the mayor proposes a series of measures such as the development of an economic partnership agreement with local businesses so that they can participate in the immediate provision of food to these people, coordination with appropriate social services.

It also seeks to provide financial support through the development of appropriate economic partnership with the nonprofit organizations in the area traditionally devoted to dispensing food (three Hail Marys Convent Parish Caritas, Caritas St. James Church, Red Cross), to ensure they can continue to provide these services.

The proposal also includes the support and impetus to the development of awareness campaigns in order to promote solidarity of the community through the exercise of voluntary and collaborative attitudes in material poverty eradication suffering numerous local residents, through donation of property and proceed with the establishment of a Forum-Municipal Committee, where are represented all social institutions at the municipal action in order to jointly address the reality of the problem and coordinate the relevant proceedings.

Finally, through the motion will urge government authorities to assess the difficulties of today and restore the provision of adequate supplies of food and sufficient to local social institutions of social action for its proper dispensation to communities and vulnerable people who need them.


They will present to Parliament a motion to develop policies that enhance the immediate coverage of the basic food needs in emergency social - 1

27/5/2009 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana. Foto: archivo


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