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 The municipal government will ask the Ministry of Education to develop a record of Totana schools that have asbestos among building elements

The municipal government of the City of Totana will ask the Ministry of Education and Universities to proceed to develop a record of the schools in the municipality of Toatna having asbestos among building elements, including the status of asbestos in these infrastructures.

In addition, it will encourage, likewise, to the Ministry to carry out a plan for phasing out asbestos, starting urgently by those schools in the same situation is not stable.

This was going to address the plenary at its next regular meeting in December to address a joint motion of the groups that make up the municipal government, PSOE and IU-Win Totana, the undersigned mayors and Maria Ruiz and Gertrudis Eulalia Moreno, respectively.

The motion seeks to create a strategy that includes the establishment of a register of public buildings contaminated by asbestos and a roadmap aimed at its eradication with particular urgency in schools and health centers, the special vulnerability of its members.

In the network of schools in the region there is a large number of them in the construction materials containing this element, which generates a high capacity to produce lung cancer were used.

In the European Union asbestos it is not allowed since 2005 and a proposal was approved at the European Parliament in March 2013 to eliminate asbestos before 2028 for the alleged threat and risk to the health of all persons exposed.

Today, many school buildings built before 2000 may have tanks, chutes, screens, corrugated roofs and other construction elements of asbestos.

The proposal also suggests the need for a solution for the treatment of waste and an information campaign among the citizens to know the risks posed by the presence of asbestos in their homes and public infrastructure in public.


28/12/2015 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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