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 Coral Jewelry and has a "bright" Superweb to shop on-line

Coral Jewelry, located at 16 Calle Juan XXIII of Totana, open their doors on-line on the web: offering jewelry classic, modern and customized to suit all tastes, you can wear daily and on special occasions.

For over two decades, Coral Jewelry offers its clients a service to buy 18 carat gold and silver imports.

Service also has a jewelery and silverware.

The website offers online sales of your items.

Coral Jewellery offers as a new section Football Jewelry, where you can find the coats of your favorite teams in gold and silver, among other pieces that can be very curious and special gifts.

"Everyone has a jewel and each jewel person", and each may discover, in the website of this jewelry as in his tent, where you will be advised accordingly.

However, you can seek advice, without obligation, through the contact form which has Superweb, corporate email, which also includes: , or call 968 42 49 94.

Want a Superweb to shop online?

If you want to sell from the Internet, expanding the services so far have offered to your customers, as well as opportunities within your business, do not wait any longer to contact

Call us at 968 42 11 64, and advise you without obligation.

In addition to the website of Coral Jewelry, the following websites including online shop, have also been developed with Superweb:

Le Gourmet Store:

Planet Bike:

Psychological Cabinet:

So, you know you can have an online store, from just 20 euros per month *.

However, if you prefer other Superweb, that allows you to create a corporate website or personal, from 12 € per month *, and you can have.

The product includes your own domain and email, plus an intranet from which to manage content, create, modify or remove sections, products etc..

Thus, you can offer your customers added value.

* Prices in EUR plus VAT


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Coral Jewelry and has a "bright" Superweb to shop on-line - 2

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