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 The councils of Education and Public Safety are working with 400 students in the prevention of truancy in the town of Totana

The departments of Education and Public Safety have worked during these months with about 400 students from 1 of the ESO secondary schools "La Milagrosa", "Reina Sofia", "Guadalentín" and the IES "Juan de la Cierva "and" High Meadow "on truancy prevention.

A year under the motto "Do not leave your empty chair", the service technician absenteeism and a local police officer have visited the classrooms of schools making presentations, to educate the students on duty and importance of attending class, as well as the relevance of training ahead of expectations for the future.

The councilman of Education explained that one of the goals you have tried this awareness campaign was to raise awareness of the coordination between the Municipal Service for Prevention and Control of School Absenteeism and the local police and the functions of each designed to alleviate truancy.

In this way, has moved to the students how to perform the screening procedure of children in the street during school hours, how to carry out identification of the child, thereby filling in a form of student data collection which refers to the Truancy Service.

Students have noted the fact of not attending class, being in compulsory school age, can have serious consequences not only for themselves but for their parents.

Some of the consequences arising from absenteeism are declining school performance, unsuitability of the student absentee-class group, loss of social skills, impairment of interpersonal relationships, lack of standards and timetables, school failure, dropping out of the studies, behavioral problems, among others.

Sanchez Mendez recalled sentences existing parents consent to their children's truancy in Murcia, being able to impose financial penalties and work for the benefit to the community.

Finally, said that great strides are occurring in our region in terms of absenteeism since it was approved by the Governing Council in June 2010, the Regional Plan for Prevention, Monitoring and Control of Absenteeism and Dropout in Murcia, and the establishment of the Regional Bureau of Truancy and Dropout.


The councils of Education and Public Safety are working with 400 students in the prevention of truancy in the town of Totana - 1

15/3/2012 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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