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On Sunday February 27 began a new edition of the Regional Cup mountain races organized by the Mountaineering Federation of Murcia, where for the second year the Athletics Club Totana is present.

Also for the second year the Cup began with the well established "Up to Portazgo" test of 25.6 kilometers and that despite its short existence, this was its second edition, has become a fixed calendar mountain area, especially the improvements from the GSM The Portazgo have included, as the explosive rise to WT, where in just over two kilometers, amounting to almost 600 meters.

After it began a dizzying descent and very technical to go little by little in the more than 200 participants at the heart of the Sierra del Oro, with the highest peak in the top of Portazgo, to 927 meters.

Began a stretch to cap down over 4 miles, also improved in this year over last, to include more stretch of trail and remove some of the track.

From mile 18.5 to almost 23 km predominated and explosive short climbs and descents, sawtooth stretch during which the participants ended up spending the few forces that remain, to finish back in the town of Cieza.

The weather was very good for this race, despite the wind be noted on the final leg of Portazgo make an appearance and a fine rain on the final leg of the race.

On the role of the broad representation of CAT mountaineering, Fulgencio Garrido Gallardo ended with a great lap of 2h: 28:23, missing the podium by finishing second in the Veterans Category.

Diego Martínez Muñoz followed, which demonstrated the high level of form that has, completing the test in 2h: 48:32.

Soon after came the duo Pepe and Nacho Ballester Martínez Campos, marking a time of 2h: 52:22.

Pedro A.

Redondo stopped the clock in 3 hours: 00:20, followed in goal Agustín Martínez Carrasco, with a time of 3h: 03:14.

Munuera Pepe Romero completed the test in 3:05:37.

Pedro José Pelegrín Cánovas, despite his knee problems, finished in 3:24:07.

José Francisco López Chumillas came in 3:43:51 and 3:58:52 Pepe Garcia Sáez.

So ten were members of the Club who took part in this event, organized with great success.

We are waiting to hear the first Regional Cup qualifying.

Congratulations to all.


22/3/2011 Source: Club Atletismo Totana


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