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 Press conference on Plan E Totana PSOE

Since the socialist group thank the government of the nation's 8'2 million euros (about 1.37 billion pesetas) invested in our town, "the biggest contribution to our city council ever made ​​by any government"

This morning at a press conference the Socialist councilor José Gómez has highlighted some of the points of the plans and in 2009 launched the central government "and whose fruits are already being harvested, citing the new library was inaugurated today in the vicinity of the Instituto Juan de la Cierva ".

Councilman Gomez remarked that "these investments have brought the Socialist government over 400 million euros for the region of Murcia, and the creation of 21,100 direct jobs and the competitive recruitment of 350 companies each year. In our town direct jobs created have been 1186. "

The Socialist councilor recalled that "in addition to the jobs have been achieved for our town a number of infrastructure and services are already benefiting the day to day totaneros such as for example the library mentioned, the improvement works Avenida Juan Carlos I and the margins of the Rambla, the Balsa Vieja, sewers and paved roads in many parishes as the Paretón, Lebor, The Vines, The Raiguero and others, as well as street lighting, expansion of schools, improvement and expansion of sports facilities, better social and educational services. These are the works and services that the council has highlighted as an example of a total of 46 that have been approved and funded by the central government. "

José Gómez remarked that, "despite what the official photos may seem, most of the investments made in our town during this term have been 100% funded works within the plans and applied by the socialist government in 2009 and 2010. "

Gomez concludes saying that "it has been widely criticized Zapatero for what happens in Spain and what is happening outside, but recognize among other merits the great economic effort of the government through these plans and to boost the local economy, the sector construction and employment. "


17/3/2011 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: / Video: Totana.TV


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