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 The construction of neighborhood social center of San José, located opposite the school, starting next week

The City Council has launched a total of seven centers, which have consisted with an investment of two million euros, and foster greater citizen participation

Social Works Center area of ​​San José, located opposite the school, and it consists of a budget of 350,000 euros, starting next week.

The works to be carried out in the company "Hermanos Gómez" have been visited by the Mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo, and Council Member of Planning, María José Bedia.

The mayor said the community center will have two multipurpose rooms, restrooms and offices, among other agencies, at a constructed area of ​​400 meters.

He indicated that with these works, which will be executed within a maximum period of ten months, will meet one of the goals set by the government team in the legislature.

Bedia recognized that construction of this social have had problems, which has caused delays, but eventually the neighbors will see how to build an adequate infrastructure to their demands and needs.

For his part, Mayor of Totana indicated that once again demonstrates the commitment of the government team and the response to requests from neighbors, and that from now on will have a public space where their meetings, assemblies, courses, activities, among other things.

Despite the drawbacks, according to Martínez Andreo, this book will be released this year and will complement the infrastructure and improvement plan that has been carried out during this term in the redevelopment area of ​​sanitation, road paving and expansion of Colegio San José, among other actions.

With the construction of this social, as recalled by the mayor, has returned to give a new impetus to neighborhood groups and municipal services have improved and added to the investment of nearly two million euros has been earmarked construction, rehabilitation and social adaptation of centers in the municipality, thus fulfilling one of the objectives of citizen participation that marked the government team at the beginning of the legislature.

Specifically, the neighbors and the association of the town have seen that with this new social infrastructure network has more than ten locations, has given new impetus to the collective and improved municipal services offered in each one of the neighborhoods or villages.

The Mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo, recalled that in addition to being newly built infrastructure have been set up courses and educational projects, social, participatory, that promote the socialization of the inhabitants of the areas where schools are enhancing social harmony among neighbors.

It has also indicated that the budget for carrying out most of these projects has been funded by various agencies such as the Autonomous Community, the State or the signing of cooperation agreements, so that, according to the mayor, to launch a infrastructure network of this kind has not been very costly for the municipal coffers.

Specifically, it has been carried out in the neighborhood "Olympic-Pears Triptolemos" The Station ", in the development of the scale, the social center of the area.

This infrastructure has been built on an area of ​​320 meters, next to the football pitch "Juan Cayuela" whose works have an estimated value of 300,000 euros.

In the center of town has also launched two new infrastructure.

On the one hand the social club in the neighborhood of "San Roque", located in the plaza of the chapel in the neighborhood.

In this building, which had a budget of 373,099 euros and was inaugurated last year, offers courses, training programs and toy library has become the first municipal service of its kind to be taught in English.

On the other hand, has built a social center in Navas street, valued at 85,323 euros, mainly directed to the Roma community.


Furthermore, in the hamlet of Lebor has built a social center, valued at € 470,000, and whose services will be improved soon with the construction of the arena that is being done adjacent to the building.

The new parish complex has allowed the creation of a social area, as the plot with an area of ​​1,680 meters, is located between the school and church.

The building, whose project was to build a basement remodeled, has two floors will be enabled meeting rooms, cafeteria, offices, warehouse, toilets, computer room and kitchen.

For its part, in the hamlet of El Paretón has undertaken the rehabilitation of a building to serve as the Center for Citizen Participation in which associations have been installed in the area.

This project had a budget, including rehabilitation and new furnishings, 60,000 euros.

It has also made rehabilitation Raiguero Alto Community Center with a budget of 50,000 euros and thanks to them will improve the call center and meeting room, among other things, and installed electric lights in the hostel of Santa Leocadia.

It has also built a social center of La Huerta, it is a place for more than one hundred meters whose work has had a budget of 20,000 euros.


The construction of neighborhood social center of San José, located opposite the school, starting next week - 1

11/3/2011 Source: Ayuntamiento. Fotos: / Video: Totana.TV


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