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 The PSOE sees the growing nervousness and tension in IU and more specifically in the figure of the mayor

Every day that passes are more convinced that "their" General Plan is not what the totaneros need, if so they would not urge the PP to vote the PSOE option, but rather, they would try to get support for General Plan of IU

In April 2016, the PSOE presented a working document to the tripartite (IU, PP and Cs) for its study, where different alternatives were proposed for free spaces, parks, gardens, etc. However, as of today we have not received a reply Part of none.

Now it is said by the mayor, to remove apples to get those uses, apples that no one knows where they are not found reflected anywhere in the document that was presented to us, so the mayor should explain what they are.

To defend a PG is not necessary to lie to the citizens, as the mayor does, since the PSOE is not asking to raise heights.

The only thing that asks the PSOE is to maintain the heights that there is, being a right that the totaneros have acquired since the year 1981 and that somebody wants to snatch them.

The Mayor lies to say that a house will increase its receipt of the IBI to approve the proposal to maintain the heights, because their owners already have them consolidated and the value of the land would not suffer any increase.

Therefore from the PSOE, we want to make it clear that we only want to keep the heights there are, not increase any and make the changes that the full commitment was committed and that the tripartite has failed.

It makes no sense to approve a document knowing that it has things that need to be changed the next day.

Finally, we are surprised that it is a mayor who is a defender of the citizen participation who says that he has to "intuit" the best for the citizens and that it is not possible to make a consultation, because each one has his interests, which does not we share.

A clear example of participation was the "Aporto" Project, which resulted in the design of a General Plan with hardly any allegations.


The PSOE sees the growing nervousness and tension in IU and more specifically in the figure of the mayor - 1

17/2/2017 Source: PSOE Totana


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