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 "Raising the heights would mean a large increase in the IBI to all families in the affected neighborhoods"

The proposal to raise heights in the Casco Urbano defended by the PSOE and the President of CEBAG would have serious consequences for the owners of houses in the Center and the peripheral neighborhoods.

It would imply a large increase in the receipt of the Real Property Tax (IBI) for all families in the affected areas, arriving in some streets at a 48% increase.

"From Ganar Totana, we continue to wait for the PSOE to explain the alternative they propose to carry out the General Plan without adapting building to the General Systems, instead of focusing on creating tension and trying to confuse the neighbors with Populist and empty arguments of real content. "

What does not count the PSOE and the president of CEBAG, is that if they approve what they both defend, a house with low and a plant in the center of Totana, would have a significant increase of IBI, since said Urban Contribution Tax, Calculates on two elements: the value of the lot and the building.

The value of the construction will be the same, but the one of the lot, by its use, is much greater if it can be built on him 4 heights, although in the case of the majority of the houses never got to be constructed.

For example, in the C / Mayor Seville, with the proposal approved in Plenary, currently the property has a cadastral value of 31,118'65 € and an IBI quota of 211'61 €.

If the heights of 2 to 4 are increased, the cadastral value would be of 46.097 € and the annual fee that the neighbor would pay for IBI would be of 313.46 €, although no more plants were built in his house.

So, we would be talking about that owner would pay 101.85 € more per year, 48% more.

If your home is in a peripheral neighborhood, such as the C / Rio Guadalquivir, a house type duplex as are the vast majority, has a cadastral value of € 77,097.04 and an IBI fee of € 524.26 per year and If the building is extended to 3 heights, as claimed by the Socialist Party and others, the receipt of the IBI would increase by 16%, which means that the owner would be paying € 608.6 per year, € 84.34 more .

"Are the neighbors waiting to be able to demolish their homes immediately to build up to four heights? We know full well that in Totana, there is no demand to increase the edificabilidad of the real estate, in fact, the two main actions carried out In the last 30 years, have been developed in their vast majority in promotions of two plants of height.While the investments made in neighborhoods in which the number of plants allowed was of three floors and attic have been very few. That thousands of families have to suffer a significant increase in IBI so that a few can speculate on the value of housing? Is it possible that the problem of the General Plan is not the Heights, and is using that "argument" to "throw it To the garbage ", as already said by the Socialist group in electoral campaign?

We are obliged to remember that during the last legislature, a working table was set up in order to reach agreements and consensus of which both PSOE and the President of CEBAG, were raised on 20 and 21 May, respectively Abandoning all will to collaborate.

That was the moment to approach positions, make proposals and seek solutions.

This proposal of General Plan was the result of the hard work done by those who remained at the table.

Years of proposals and agreements in which the general interest was sought above anything else.

Thanks to this willingness to collaborate and to the contributions made by Izquierda Unida, a much better document was obtained, which included, among other things, the extension of the protected soil, ensuring the protection of areas such as Sierra Espua, Las Cabezuelas and areas As an essential tool to ensure the economic viability of the most important productive sector, such as agriculture and livestock.

We reiterate our commitment to bet on a model of "Human Urbanism", committed to the Rationality and the values ​​of the Left, in which the rights and quality of life of people living in a city and housing are a right , Not a speculative element for particular interests.


"Raising the heights would mean a large increase in the IBI to all families in the affected neighborhoods" - 1

16/2/2017 Source: Ganar Totana IU


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