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 Marcela Crespo: "Another General Plan of Urbanism, Yes It Can"

"They say that rectification is from wise people, and that it honors whoever does it.

This is not the case, for now, Mayor of Totana, who persists in the obstinate approach to carry out a General Plan product of speculation and urban corruption, prepared with some urban agreements, walks by dungeons and imprisonment of civil servants and former Mayors

A Plan that aroused (and continues to provoke) a great social unrest in the form of mobilizations and thousands of allegations, from 2005 to date.

On July 28, 2016, we attended the pitiful show "Junts Pel Sí" (PP, Citizens and Win Totana-IU) to this General Plan.

Recently, after the varapalo of the Ministry of Development (as was reasonably foreseeable) we have gone to "Junts pel Ridiculet".

It is cynically denied by the Mayor and those who uncritically support him, the nefarious reduction of the heights of buildings "within Ordinance", which can have an impressive social impact in the event of collection of insurance by affection in seismic, or simply to The time of purchase-sale transactions, when they can not justify their legality.

Even the simple fact of reforms for maintenance or improvement of our homes.

All this is done to maintain the total volume of building without "touching" the buildability of the 29 existing Urban Agreements.

It is sufficiently well-known that the damage to the illegalization of acquired rights, if approved by this "reduction of heights" that would make illegal "out of town planning", from the second floor up in many districts of Totana (Tirol Camilleri) , Friars, Cheap Houses, San Jose, High Era, ...).

All this calls attention to us powerfully and seems unheard of, incredible and, of course, gives us much to think about.

Especially in the case of the Mayor and Win Totana-IU looking for strange allies for a Triple Alliance Against Nature, introducing important tensions and risk factors in the Government Team with the PSOE.

Less understandable is still in a municipality that has gone from promoting Participatory Budgets and being in the International Observatory of Participative Democracy to govern itself from the Mayor's Office with questionable and dubious practices.

Everything for the People, but without the People?

How do we know what is right for the people, without asking, without open, transparent social debate, with understandable information and reasonable time frames to ensure that we know what we need?

Would it not be prudent and common sense to seek the maximum consensus of all political, business, trade union, agrarian, small business, associations, NGOs, and the affected citizens in general?

Would not be good foundations for a Consensus Plan and, therefore, with vocation to last in time?

How about submitting the Consensus Plan to a final Citizen Consultation?

Why the rush?

Does not this seem weird, weird, weird?

We said it and we repeat it: this Plan will end up falling thanks to the citizen actions from the collaborative coordination in the judicial, social and political areas.

And in its fall will drag those who for reasons and interests inconceivable and unconfessed have given their support.

History will NOT absolve you.

Collective intelligence, the wisdom of the people, can provide creative solutions and common sense to equip Totana with equipment and green areas in the urban area, as is now claimed from the Autonomous Community.

Yes You Can, With People, From People ".

Marcela Crespo, Citizen Counselor of the Region of Murcia


Marcela Crespo: "Another General Plan of Urbanism, Yes It Can" - 1

16/2/2017 Source: Marcela Crespo


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