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 United Left, PP and Citizens refuse to sit at a table to negotiate the General Plan

From the PSOE, they regret that once again the PP lies blatantly to the citizens.

The fact that the PP takes out the press release shows that they do not have the slightest modesty in lying, in the purest style of the corrupt years of the PP totanero.

The PSOE, has made it clear that it was only the Socialist Municipal Group that submitted an amendment to the mayor's proposal, so that, among other things, a process of work was opened to seek agreements and achieve the greatest possible consensus.

They remember that this amendment was rejected by the vote against the PP, Citizens and IU, and therefore it was these three political groups that rejected any possibility of seeking agreement.

If the PP wanted to lend a hand to the negotiation, it would have been extremely simple to obtain, it would simply have been enough to have voted in favor of the amendment, accepting the offer of negotiation that had been made from the PSOE to the other groups.

From the PSOE, invite the Municipal People's Group to read the Organic Regulation of the City of Totana and thus learn that the amendment "in voce" to which they allude only serves to "correct material errors, technical or semantic or simple inaccuracies Omissions "and not to change the meaning of the motion or amendment.

Even if the amendment "in voce" had been possible, the spokesman for the Socialist Group in that debate did not reject the proposal and simply qualified it.

They will be the PP, Citizens and IU, say from the PSOE, those who have to explain why after 13 years of processing this Plan have so much urgency and secrecy in approving it, hurting a large number of citizens, without listening to all The political groups, not even to the groups that participated in the working table that was created in this legislature, nor to the Sectorial Council of Urbanism.

Nevertheless, in the PSOE continues to be willing to meet with other groups and groups to seek consensus and achieve a General Plan that is positive for the future of Totana.


United Left, PP and Citizens refuse to sit at a table to negotiate the General Plan - 1

16/2/2017 Source: PSOE Totana


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