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 Historical success in the championships of Spain Blanes 2016


10 Days of intense competition for the Club Totana Alevines began with races held from 17 to 21 in which he participated Alejandro Lopez.

In the team event Alexander took part Mazarrón team with Juan Francisco Lopez and Benito González.

They passed the first stage in second place which gave them access to the final qualifying table where they fell at the first intersection with the team of Irun Leka Enea.

In the test individually Alejandro also managed to pass the first group stage by winning their three games but in the eliminatory crossing was eliminated 3-2 by Spaniard Ruben Cisneros.

In doubles, partnering with Juan Francisco Lopez got rid round treintaidosavos to fall into the next round with Eceiza / Churches of the Basque Country.

In short good participation and Alejandro these have been their first championships of Spain.


The day began testing 22 children's teams.

Totaneros faced teams Badalona B, Rivas and Calella with those victories were achieved 3-1, 3-0 and 3-0 which gave them the pass to the final frame.

The first round was precisely against the team of Irun (the same opponents in the juvenile category) to which overcame 3-0.

But in the second heat the opponent was the team Ciudad de Granada who beat totaneros in a very tough match and in which our men were at a high level giving a lot of work to Grenadians that eventually Champions Spain proclaimed .

The draw was not very fair with us who had the best opponent in the second round.

In individual events the three children entered the final frame coming three to round knockout where the three were eliminated in tough games and all three had their options.

In doubles partner Juanpe formed with Ortega Santiago Alcazar where they reached the round 1/32.

The Santiago and Domingo twins again had no luck in the draw.

They also reached the knockout round after a good comeback against a pair of Baleares with whom ended up playing very well the last games.

1/16 rivals were Lillo / Gutiérrez who outscored totaneros who were the only ones to wrest a game that after Spain were crowned champions.


The bell gave him Benjamin Gabriel Sanchez in the category where he got results that are unlikely to be repeated.

In the individual category solvency Gabriel overcame the group stage and then was going would dispose to reach the semifinal.

In the quarter it had a difficult game and committed in which he learned to play well the decisive points.

His opponent in the semifinal was Berzosa Club Burgos who was later proclaimed champion of Spain and Gabriel got in trouble in many phases of the game but the most experienced burgalés knew afford.

In the doubles he was paired with Jorge Gabriel Garcia-Moreno de Ocaña.

They started beating qualifiers with clear but not with good game but gradually got better with the competition and exploded in big games markers.

Quartered and made a good match then improved in the semifinal in a great and thrilling encounter before a couple of Ripollet.

In the final still they exceeded.

They gave the first game and then recovered after trailing 6-10.

It got to 2-2 and the 5th game superbly played by the two couples went to Gabriel and Jorge that beat the favorites and the Berzosa / San Miguel Burgos proclaiming themselves champions of Spain double benjamín.


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27/6/2016 Source: Club Totana TM


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